We hope Lynyrd Skynyrd doesn’t mind us borrowing their lyric.

For those that saw the smoke last night and those that can definitely smell that smell as you leave Eudora to the north this morning, there was not a major fire or any problems last night near the Wakarusa River.

The Public Works Department had a little more debris then they could handle at the City Compost pile located next to the  Wakarusa River. Workers had gotten behind in chipping all the material that has been dropped off. The compost pile is where we can take our leaves, grass clippings and yard waste. The Public Works Department decided the best option to handle the load was burn it off so that there is room for all the leaves that will be dropped off at the compost pile as fall approaches.

The Public Works Department kindly waited for the winds to come up from the south and blow the smoke and smell to the north before deciding to eliminate the pile via a big burn.

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