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A piece of history met it’s demise in Eudora today. The Old Eudora Middle School located at 10th & Main Streets was no match for a bulldozer as it systematically knocked it’s way through walls and made way for future growth.

Onlookers both in cars and on foot throughout the day, made their way past the facility that produced hundreds, if not thousands f graduates over the years.  Some sat and watched. Some paused and remembered times gone by and gazed at the eminent demise of this historic structure.  Originally constructed in the 1940’s and added on to many times over the years, it served many of Eudora’s youth throughout it’s history.

Once demolition is complete and the material is hauled away, the land that the building occupied will be split among the city, the School District and the Township Library.

The City is working towards using their portion for a new public Safety building housing Police, Fire and EMS services. The Township is in exploratory stages of a new library building and the School District, while not having definite plans as to it’s use, looks to expand to the parcel in the future.

We have added several pictures taken both this morning and later in the afternoon of demolition in our photo gallery.  You can access the gallery by clicking HERE.

 (Editors Note:  There has been contention among some as to the exact uses of the building. We have had several readers via email refer to it as the Old High School and as the Old Middle School.  We apologize for an error in the exact use of the building.)

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7 Responses to Old Eudora School meets it’s fate

  • This is not the old high school, it was tore down years ago.

  • This was the old high school replacement school.

    What a great location for the new Dollar Store
    Owh that right, the city doesn`t want retail downtown.

    Retail space is 6 miles west

  • This was the JR high building. The gym was for both schools. It is a HUGE waste of a building to tear it down. Typical ignorant Eudora!

  • I went to elementary school in this building. At that time it was grades 1-8.

    I am sad to see all of the negative comments made about our town.

  • Did they have to remove all the Abestos that was in that old building prior to removal ? I guess I just didnt notice much activity prior to the demolition.

    • Yes asbestos removal was done prior to demo. It occurred during June and demo was put off to accommodate the CPA Picnic since they used the parking lot.

  • The town is going to have costly payments for this and to add all the items they want here. The towns people will be paying for this and cost will be very high. his will cost over 2 million dollars.