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Many people who drive down 10th Street in Eudora for years have seen the sign near Locust Street that says Readiness Rounds, but not many know what it is or what they do.  Readiness Rounds provides software that helps hospitals manage their medical records and assist doctors, nurses and staff with the patient safety and medical needs.   This software is used by hospitals nationally and internationally. Some of their clients include Mount Sinai in New York, The Cleveland Clinic along with some close to home hospitals including Cushing Memorial Hospital in Leavenworth and KU Med in Kansas City.

With the medical industry constantly expanding and growing, Readiness Rounds is looking to expand their business.  Don Death, a 12 year resident of Eudora, is the owner of the company and wants to keep his business here in town.

“We need to expand out of where we are,” Death said. “Right now we have 15 or 16 employees located in Eudora and over the next five years we expect to have nearly 50.”

Death is looking to stay in Eudora, bringing these new jobs to town.  What he doesn’t have right now is a place to put them. This issue is at the heart of a problem.

Death needs about 10,000 square feet of office space and wants to use the Old Baptist church located at 11th and Main Street.

“I’m not seeing anything that is 10,000 square feet in Eudora, (other than the old church),” Death sated. “There is nothing else that fits the profile.”

To use the old Baptist Church, there would need to be some changes to the City Zoning Regulations to, in the words of the city:

Allow for the adaptive reuse of any exiting nonresidential structure in residential districts that were built originally as conforming structures be adapted to accommodate – in their current or original form – new non-residential uses, other than retail-commercial or industrial land uses.

Several neighbors of the old church are very much against these regulation changes and have been very vocal in the opposition to it.

Nell Treftz lives across the street from the church. She would prefer to not have an office building in their neighborhood.

“This is going to open up a whole can of worms,” Treftz said. “I don’t think those kind of things belong in a residential neighborhood.”

Mary and Gary Marshall, also residents across from the church, have concerns about passing the amendments.

“What if the office leaves? What happens to the property then,” Gary Marshall said.

The first step was to have the Eudora Planning Commission make recommendations on whether to change the regulations or not.  The Planning Commission at their July meeting made the recommendation to not change the regulations as it was presented. Later in July, city officials made some changes to the wording in the regulations and took the new wording to the City Council.  The City Council chose to not vote on the changes until the Planning Commission had the opportunity to review the new text and sent it back to them.

Last week, the Planning Commission had the chance to review the new revisions and again voted unanimously to recommend not making the changes.  This brings us to Monday night when the City Council will once again review the proposed changes.

At the previous Council meeting many of the Council members expressed that while they want to listen to the opinions of their neighbors and support their wishes, having several jobs created in the city is just as important.

Death has said, that while they would not immediately leave town if the adaptive reuse regulations were not passed, they would have to start exploring other options.

“Our plan is to stay in Eudora, but we’ve got to be pragmatic about the possibility,” Death said.

Those who live in the neighborhood, when asked what they would like to see happen with the property were non-committal.

Treftz said she would like to see the property be zoned strictly residential while Gary Marshall offered up the suggestion of turning it into a city owned park.

“Do I know there’s change – sure,” Treftz said. “But businesses don’t belong in residential areas.”

The showdown will occur on Monday night when the Council has to make the decision to either go against the wishes of the neighborhood or potentially lose several jobs in town.

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15 Responses to Old Church building could be converted to offfices

  • The school distric got away with this over at West Elementry and is renting it out as a BUSINESS in a residential area and the trash and people milling around is kinda bad at times.
    The city needs to quit the waste and put an area aside for office space in an office park !!
    A good spot for this would be out east along 10th just north of 10th out at the K-10 exit. Keep it back off the main drag a bit so good retail can go out front by the main street.
    I say DO NOT put an office in the old Church on 11th and Main. It would not be good for the homeowners.
    I will bet you $20.00 the city is going to jump on this and change the rules and put this through fast so nobody has time to fight it.They have been shady and stupid on every deal done in the last 3 years !!!!! Grant money distribution, changing rules and codes , fire station and so on.

  • These are only two homeowners speaking, what does the majority say.

  • John, you said many others have attended the meetings, but did not answer the question of Wds if the others are in favor of the plan or not. Thank you.

    • While we are not going to say that every neighbor is against it, we will confidently say the vast majority if not all are against any sort of business in the neighborhood.

  • Thank you for your reply. As a side note, it is interesting that I do believe a neighbor near the former Church at one time operated a business from their home.

  • Yes John, maybe you could get her to quote in the paper why she could run a business before and now it is not okay???

  • Could be a code change now with all the new crap the city is making new businesses do just to open a door for the first time.
    Eudora is now just like opening a new business in Overland Park and have to meet the same crazy codes.
    Get used to it, times are changing and there is no more help for a start up business in Eudora. Not the money end but the help with codes and getting the doors open to get started.

  • I can’t believe people have qualms about a local businessman wanting to bring 30+ new jobs to Eudora. It isn’t as if he’s opening a strip club. I don’t live near that church, but if I did, or if he wanted to do it near my house, I would welcome it completely.

  • I am a business owner and I can understand their concern. You are talking about a residential area and bringing in 50+ employees. Parking alone would be an issue. It would increase traffic and make Main even busier for those of use who reside south of 10th. There are plenty of empty buildings in the business district, use one of those. Yes, you are creating jobs, but also bringing strangers into our neighborhood.

  • A business district is for business as it reads !!!!
    The city can`t seem to get anything else right, why should they get this right ?

  • The city has ordinances that are supposed to protect our town and keep appearances cohesive. Signage and codes are a big problem between the business owners and the city. It is hard to meet all the regulations and run a business in Eudora. Now a resident of 12 years has a business that may employ 50 people and wants it in a residential area and the city is ready to jump right on that one. Where will these people park? What will it do to the traffic on the residential streets? I don’t blame the home owners for being concerned. It is one thing to run a business out of your home, but another to have a company with 50 employees in the middle of a residential area. It is easy to say that you would welcome it to your neighborhood, when it isn’t going to be there. Eudora has missed the boat on other businesses that wanted to locate here and stay in the areas zoned for business, what makes this one so special? Keep businesses that require multiple employees out of the residential areas. How many square feet are there in the building that used to house Red Door? There is an empty building and it would bring traffic downtown (and it would cost them less to purchase). Let’s keep businesses with several employees in the business district.

  • Did I read the article correctly?, 50 employees,50 lunches. Surely there were 50+ cars parked at church on Sundays.I don’t see how this could hinder if they park and don’t create a walk-in business. If a business went in maybe the side street would get spruced up and the “dip” fixed. I live further south on Main and even when it was a church the parking did not affect traffic.There are barely any cars parked on the street from those that reside there. The ones south of the location have a couple of cars on the street normally. When the church was there besides Sunday worship they held Wed. nite Awana classes and yrs. ago NA held meetings there. I don’t see the problems I see the benefits.The only problem might be how the records are delivered? by courier or semi or internet. I don’t see alot of traffic for this business into the neighborhood.

  • This debate makes one thing abundantly clear: it doesn’t matter if “the city” is trying to attract businesses or repel them, make regulations favorable to business growth or that hinder it, people are going to complain. “The city” is everyone that lives here. Next time you complain, have a mirror handy!

  • Even in the case of the taxation of the building , your only talking about up to $4,000.00 a year or so in which Eudora gets about 30% of.
    Not hardly worth dropping 20 homes property values 30% or more and bringing in the trash, noise and maybe crime that comes with a business that is open every day VS a church open 2 days a week.
    John , this city council and leadership we have now is NOT looking out for the people, they have an agenda to put their names in history and this city is going down the pooper fast.
    Ask yourself this Can i afford another $150.00 a year on my ral estate tax payment ? Can i afford my home values to drop another 35% like they have thus far ? Can i keep my car up with all the bad streets in this city that rattle it to the point parts are falling off ?
    Can i afford my meds as an older Eudorian who lives on $600.00 a month and has NO more to give and spend ?

    This city leadership doesnt give a shi# about anyone in Eudora John !!!!!!
    The city letting this go on is a city not showing a smart way to grow the city !!!!