Two Douglas County Deputies and two Eudora Police officers being honored at the Eudora City Council meeting Monday night.  (Pictured L to R – Eudora Police Officer Brandon Sharp, Deputy Brandon Lewis, Deputy Kristin Dymacek and Officer Eric Garcia)

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Two Eudora Police officers and two Douglas County Sheriff”s Deputies were honored by the Eudora City Council Monday evening for actions performed in the line of duty.

On the evening of October 17, Eudora Police responded to a call of a window peeper in a residential neighborhood in Eudora. The suspect was located by Eudora Police Officer Brandon Sharp in the 900 block of Maple Street.  When confronted by Officer Sharp, the suspect ran.  A foot chase ensued in the neighborhood and Officer Sharp was joined in the chase by Douglas County Deputies Kristin Dymacek and Brandon Lewis along with Eudora Police Officer Eric Garcia.

The foot chase continued for some time as the suspect attempted to elude capture. Finally, Officer Garcia spotted the suspect hiding behind a parked truck.  The suspect had armed himself with a long metal pipe and then attempted to charge Garcia after the officer had identified the fact that he had discovered him.    Garcia then pulled out his Taser in an attempt to stop the suspect from causing injury to the officer. When the jolt from the Taser hit the suspect, he dropped the pipe he was using as a weapon which dislodged the Taser leads.  The suspect quickly ran off again in an attempt to escape capture.  In the mean time, Deputy Lewis had arrived on the scene and was able to secure the suspect as he came around the corner of a building.

In the ensuing and final part of the chase, Garcia fractured his ankle as he got caught up in some debris on the ground in the darkness. Garcia continued in the pursuit with the other Deputies and Officer, helping to capture the suspect while suffering from the broken ankle.

“The use of deadly force could have been justified in this instance,” Interim Police Chief David Burger said. “They kept it together and safely arrested the suspect without harming the suspect or any residents.  Their actions are well worth the commendation.”

Garcia chose to try to stop the suspect with the Taser as opposed to a firearm with only a split second decision.

“I had some familiarity with the suspect and with the way everything happened, it was just training and instinct that took over,” Garcia stated.

Garcia did add that he had a few choice words following the incident that caused him to break his ankle.

“As I felt my ankle roll, I stopped and then gained my composure and then ran after the suspect as fast as I could.”

Burger praised the efforts of  both the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and the Eudora Police Department in apprehending the suspect.

“This effort was successful due to, and is indicative of, the high quality of law enforcement that the people of Eudora enjoy.”




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