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BREAKING NEWS UPDATE 1/14/20112:  The North Mankato, MN City Council has approved the contract offer to John John Harrenstein.  While we will not find out anything official until tonight’s Eudora City Council meeting, we expect Harrenstein to submit his resignation this evening.  We will keep you updated on developments as they occur.

Original Story: 

The city of North Mankato, MN is extremely interested in Eudora City Administrator John Harenstein and looks to make it worth his while to head north.

According to an article in the Mankato Free Press, if approved by the North Mankato City Council, Harrenstein would receive just over $116,000 in compensation.  This includes a base salary of $112,000, a car allowance and cell phone allowance.  These type of perks are standard for high level administrators in both the public and private sector.  For comparison, when Harrenstein was hired in 2009, his salary was $78,000.

Harrenstein would also have a large amount of protection for himself in case of termination.  Harrenstein would receive six months severance plus accrued sick leave and vacation hours. He would also receive continuation of health insurance and the car allowance for the six month period.  Another interesting stipulation is that if Harrenstein would be fired within six months of any new council member being elected and sworn in, he receives the severance package.  North Mankato would also pay his moving expenses, along with associated travel expenses, temporary lodging and meals during the transition.

The severance package would not kick in if Harrenstein is “unable to perform his duties due to a long-term disability, is unwilling to perform his duties or if there’s been documented acts of job-related dishonesty or fraud,” according to the Mankato Free Press story.

The determination of whether Eudora will lose it’s City Administrator will likely occur in the next 24 hours.  The North Mankato City Council will be meeting in special session Monday afternoon to discuss and likely approve the offer.  If it is approved, it would be signed and faxed to Harrenstein so that he would have the opportunity to submit his resignation at Monday night’s Eudora City Commission meeting.  The contract was originally expected to be approved at the North Mankato City Council meeting on Monday, January 22 but was moved up to coincide with the Eudora City Commission meeting.

“Then he can give his notice at that meeting and get here March 1,” North Mankato Mayor Mark Dehen told the Mankato Free Press. “… Otherwise, we’d have to wait another month.”

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2 Responses to North Mankato makes strong offer for Harrenstein

  • Good grief, we finally get somebody who listens when we talk and sombody else wants to steal him.

  • I still see no problem with John leaving Eudora, wouldn`t hurt anything. After all , this is not JOCO .
    It might open a door to get someone who knows Eudora and what is needed , and not out of our budget.
    The cost we have now will last us 20 years, so we can think of him every time we see our tax bill.
    I hear Mankato MN is a great place to live.
    North American Van Lines ( moving company )
    Phones answered 24 – 7