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The Eudora City Council passed several new ordinances last Monday which tighten restrictions on a variety of things including pets, transportation and, we will delicately word this one, “personal behavior”.

One of the biggest ordinances enacted was a skateboarding ordinance.   People can no longer skateboard, roller blade or roller skate on sidewalks, public parking lots, public facilities  in downtown Eudora or upon any sidewalk with 100 feet of any store, business place or public park.

Several of the downtown Eudora business merchants had complained to the Police Department about skaters using the sidewalks for skating and nearly causing injury to people coming in or out of  local businesses.  According to the Eudora Police Department, there were also reports of people using the statue of Eudora and Paschal Fish to do “sliding” or “grinding” tricks, thereby causing damage to the statue and surrounding plaques.

Bicyclists are also not immune from this ordinance.  You are no longer allowed to ride a bike on the sidewalk within a distance of 100 feet from any store, business place or place of assembly or where specifically prohibited by a posted sign.  Violating this new ordinance could could a skater or bicycle rider up to $45.

RV’s can no longer be parked on the street for longer than 48 hours and cannot be parked within 100 feet of an intersection at any time. Your travel trailer or boat or canoe (when on a trailer) cannot be parked on a street either.  You might also want to make sure your car stereo is turned down. It’s now illegal to have your car stereo turned up so loud that it can be heard over 50 feet from the vehicle. This includes either moving or stationary vehicles.  If you like to park your car in your yard, it now needs to be on an “improved surface”. You can no longer park your car in the grass.  Violating any these infractions can set you back between $30 to $100.  Illegal vehicle licenses/tags, overweight Vehicles and Federal Motor Safety Regulations were also passed in the traffic offenses section of the city code book.

Fido was not left out of the party either. If your pet decides to “number 2” in another persons yard or on public property, it is your responsibility to clean up after him or her.  If you violate this new ordinance, it could set you back a lot. The fine is at least $10 plus court costs.  One of the other provisions passed by the Council was to increase court costs to $93.50, so this one will be a minimum of $103.  Properly documented service animals are excluded from this regulation.  The Council also passed ordinances that involve procedures for cruelty to animals cases,  a more general description of “dangerous dogs” that is less breed specific, and regulations for dogs that could be a threat to public safety. These regulations mainly deal with those dogs that try to attack or bite another animal or person.

It’s now also unlawful, according to city codes, to carry a concealed weapon unless you have a concealed carry permit, carry a weapon into or near a bar or possess drugs or drug paraphernalia. You cannot “Interfere with Public Property” which means that you can’t throw or leave on a roadway anything that could wound people or animals or cause damage to property such as glass, tacks, nails or bottles.

Our favorites of the 19 new ordinances were the “Indecent Exposure” ordinance, the “Urination/Defecation in public” ordinance and the “missiles” ordinance.  While the first two of this section are somewhat self explanatory, the ‘missiles” ordinance refers to any ball, stone or other hard substance that is thrown, batted or propelled across a street or alley or against any building or vehicle with intent to strike, harm, injure or damage people or property.  While it wasn’t specifically stated in the law, we take it that your standard shoulder mounted surface to air missiles are also disallowed.

Many of these ordinances were already in force due to similar state statutes, but by having these ordinances on the books in the city of Eudora, it allows people to be charged locally in Municipal Court as opposed to District Court.

“We wanted to try to make ourselves more independent here in the city and handle things locally,” Eudora Police Chief Grady Walker said. “This will allow people who have committed a non serious crime to go through municipal court and not have to drive to Lawrence and go through the hassle of having to deal with it there.”

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15 Responses to New ordinances passed in Eudora

  • The “city” has nothing better to do than pass these ridiculous ordinances? I can think of several more important things they could be spending time on. Isn’t already illegal to carry a concealed weapon without a permit, possess drug paraphernalia, damage property, litter, ride your bike on the sidewalk, etc? Are we supposed to start video taping the loose dogs crapping in our yards that shouldn’t be wandering in the first place? What about all the darn cats that owners let out to use other resident’s gardens or public park sand/mulch to crap in? The city can’t even effectively address the loose animals in the city, let alone their waste. Ridiculous. I suppose our residents will have to stop crapping in the road and listening to music when working in the yard (only if a car is the source). What a waste of time City Council.

  • Thank you,, for reporting at least some of what goes on in these meetings.

  • In my neighborhood most of the houses, including mine, have one-car garages. I also have a sidewalk. My husband and I always parked our cars in the driveway, one behind the other, until he got a $30 ticket for blocking the sidewalk. The ticket was written at 4 a.m.! Now he angles his car in behind mine and sometimes one front tire is on the grass. I’ll bet that will now bring another ticket, so one of us will have to park on the street. There are already SO MANY cars parked on our street! Booooo.

  • I totally understand the skating issues, I have seen the damage skateboards do. I understand the sidewalk safety issues, and I sort of understand the dog stuff, what I don’t understand is why you can’t park your car in YOUR yard. What is the reasoning on that? Any clue?

  • First, thanks for reporting what happened during the meeting. Now onto these ordinances/laws. I agree with the skate boarding issue. And atleast the only place you cant ride your bike is within 100 ft of a business. We already have to deal with bike riders on the roads enough. They dont need to be on the roads. Who really cares about dogs taking a crap in a yard? I mean, its free nutrients for the grass. And to the cars parking on grass issue. If your in YOUR yard, whats the problem? As long as your not on the city right of way, how can they tell you what you can do in your yard? Now I can understand if there is alot of broke down cars being parked in yards, but cars that are moved every day? All of these just sound like ways for the city to do nothing more than make money!

  • I agree, riding skateboards and bikes on the sidewalk is too close to business’. I grew up in town, and never hurt anyone riding my bike on Main Street. It’s common sense to watch out for cars backing up. This is just designed take money locally, and not have to share the money with Lawrence. It really does suck that I won’t be able to shoot any RPG’s into buildings, but catfish are fair game.

  • I myself agree on the skateboards, kids just don’t watch out for others nor cars. I can find other ways the town can be making money instead of making up lame rules. What about vehicles that think its a must to run stop signs I see this on daily basis where i live an they don’t just run one try three an then nearly causing accidents for the ones that don’t have to stop. What about some of these houses in town their just not enough road room to park, soon one gonna complain to many cars on the road.

  • As I was riding home from one of the few downtown business last evening, I noticed 3 young boys around the statue in the park. 2 were riding, not carrying, skateboards and the 3rd was on his bicycle. This was right across the street from the police station. How are these ordinances/laws going to be enforced.
    Do people need to bring their dogs, or at least a sample of their droppings, to the police station to start a data base so when they are called they can identify the culprit? Who do I call if I find a “dropping dilemma” in my yard that doesn’t look like my dog’s. How about Saturday morning between 9 am and 11 am, if you have a dog, take a sample of your dog’s droppings and put them in a paper bag with your dog’s name on it and drop it off at the police station. There will probably be no one there, so just leave them on the doorstep. They can store them in one of the unused school buildings, instead of tearing them down, for future reference. If they choose not to store them, they can take pictures and start a “CDDB” (Canine droppings data base). This might keep your dog from being falsely accused later in life.
    I am not worried about throwing things at the neighbor across the street, it is the one next door that I have the problems with. According to this, I can still throw things at him as long as they don’t bounce off of him and go across the street. Can the neighbor across the street complain if it bounces off the neighbor next door and hits the one across the street? If so, am I to blame since the next door neighbor touched it last?
    Parking ordinances? Ask the city for a list of “improved surfaces”. Rock or gravel should be on that list. If so, ask them how wide and how deep it needs to be. If they have a problem with you parking in your own yard, ask them to be specific on what they want you to do to be compliant. Surely the employees at city hall have been informed on what the ordinance is or will tell you who to call to answer all of your questions on the parking issues….
    I hope that any one that reads this comment will realize that it is made in jest. These ordinances are quite important to the city. It makes them more money from the parking tickets that will be issued in the middle of the night and removes any liability from the city for accidents caused by unruly kids on improper vehicles on our city streets streets and sidewalks.

  • Tony, Too funny! They really do have some kind of doggie dooly sampling thing I think in OP? I seen it on the news one night and thought, how ridiculous! I have lived where we are now for about 2 years, and my neighbors dog has been relieving himself everywhere from our deck to our garbage can, to our front yard, heck he even jumps through our fence and eats our dogs food and then relieves himself in the backyard too! We have tried being nice but the “owner” laughs at us! Once he even hollered his dogs name and said come back over here (fido, name withheld for privacy) they dont like dogs over there! Well we love dogs over here, our dog is tied up and in the backyard behind a proper fence, when she is in the front yard she is tied up. This dog is loose almost all the time, especially at nighttime, to eat whatever is on your grill (if low enough), or use the bathroom wherever he feels like. I love animals, just not their leavings, especially when I have to pick it up myself on a regular basis, or have company over for a picnic and way before desert we find a pile in front of our backdoor. Which is the door we use almost 90% of the time. Also, if a person has to make an improved space to park do they have to then get a bldg permit? This is so ridiculous. There are way too many in violation of parking on grass, derilict vehicles, boats, heck you cannot drive down Birch St. when church is in session. I make certain I respect the speed limits, even the new 20 mph now. When there is a car on one side and there are people milling around it is so dangerous. There is usually ample parking spaces at Holy Family, and this occurs every wed. and fri. I dont want to complain but if one gets a ticket we all should if we are not following the rules, right?? Just saying….

  • Maybe the new ordinances will help generate the extra money that the city will need to pay our city council members. Didn’t they just give themselves a raise?

  • I would rather let my son park his car on the grass next to our house then have him park it on the street with the 4 other cars. It gets alittle crowded. It is MY yard and not the cities.

  • Like the Fido one:

    Fido was not left out of the party either. If your pet decides to “number 2″ in another persons yard or on public property, it is your responsibility to clean up after him or her.

    I get tired of cleaning up other’s peoples dogs droppings out of my yard. Perhaps the ordinance will help people become responsible dog owners.

  • Isn’t this America?? I thought Communism was in Russia! Who or what gives our ELECTED officials the RIGHT to take away our freedoms. (You know the ones that our sons, daughters, friends, fight for.) We are the ones who own & pay taxes on our properties, & OUR city has the RIGHT to tell us how & where to park our personal property? If I want to park in my yard & destroy the grass, this should be MY RIGHT…They have the RIGHT to tell us how loud we can play music? When will they start telling us what kind to listen to? I do however agree that the skateboards & bicycles are a problem, and something needed to be done to make the streets safe for everyone. Now what about those avid bike riders who are passing through, if they go down Main Street, how will they stay 100 ft away from the store fronts. Again I have to ask…ISN’T THIS AMERICA LAND OF THE ‘FREE’

  • I have several teenage drivers, and we live on a corner lot, so parking is a little difficult (not including the fact that if we park within 30 ft from stop sign we get ticket – our driveway is not even 30 ft from stop sign because city took 10 ft of our yard to redo the road), but in an attempt to solve the problem of cars being parked on the street all the time, I was going to put a gravel driveway along my driveway and side of house (with a nice trim, etc.), but was told by the city that I could only put down concrete driveway. – with the cost of concrete, who can afford it (plus having to hire someone instead of doing it yourself)? Not only can you not park on your grass but apparently you can’t even put gravel down to be able to park vehicles – so now you have issue of cars being parked on city streets, even when homeowners are trying to accommodate the situation, and prevent any inconvenience for neighbors or others traveling down the street.