EHS Football team 1956

The 1956 Eudora High School football team.

The Eudora Area Historical Society (EAHS) is excited to announce that a new historical exhibition documenting the history of the Eudora High School (EHS) football program will open to the public at the Eudora Community Museum in 2015.

The EAHS is currently in the research and design stages of the development of the exhibit. A significant amount of research has already led to the development of some good content for the exhibit, but we could use more. The EAHS is requesting that anyone that can provide some relevant historical information regarding EHS football (historical files, anecdotes of interesting experiences, etc.) to please contact us. We are especially interested in obtaining information from the EHS football program from the 1950s and 1960s.

We are also interested in obtaining some EHS football artifacts. Artifacts can be uniforms, photographs, and any other item relating to EHS football. We would love to receive these artifacts as donations, but you can also loan the item to the EAHS and receive it back when you would like it returned.

The funding for this exhibit is provided by a grant from the Kansas Humanities Council.  Landyn Harris, a recent graduate from the Museum Studies Program at KU, will research, design, write and fabricate the exhibition.


If you have interesting stories or documents to share about the EHS football program, please email Landyn Harris at

If you have artifacts you would like to donate or loan, please contact Ben Terwilliger at or 785-690-7900.

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One Response to New Historical Exhibit on the Eudora High School Football Program

  • I played for EHS 57-61 with Don Gardner and Bob Shaulas (sp) as coaches the first year and then Perry Miller and Jim Ethington my last three years. We were undefeated our senior year (60-61). Great memories! We were undefeated in conference play in basketball in 60-61 as well.