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New Eudora Head Football Coach Kevin Kopecky met with players, parents and the public at Eudora High School on Monday evening to give people an opportunity to learn about him and find out his plans for the upcoming football season.

“It starts with treating players right,” Kopecky said during his twenty minute presentation. “There are four important groups: players, parents, coaches and administration.  The most important of those groups is the players.”

Kopecky talked about his background starting with his college football career as a walk-on strong safety at the University of Nebraska under then Coach Tom Osborne.  He also talked about his time at St. Thomas Aquinas in Kansas City and his past three years in Leavenworth.

“I’ve coached three players who went on to the NFL and there is a fourth that has just participated in tryouts this year,” Kopecky told the audience of around 50 people. Kopecky told them that while he was discussing his resume, it is only part of the equation.

“Discipline, effort and attitude, are the main ingredients to a successful program,” he said. “We run simple schemes…we use the no huddle spread offense but with that said, I’m from Nebraska – we like to run the football.  We can do it very well in that style and score a lot of points.”

Kopecky, or “Coach K” as he stated he was occasionally called in Leavenworth, also will bring a change in coaching style from the previous head coach. Greg Webb, who resigned in November to become the head coach at Truman High School in Independence, MO, was widely known as a tough disciplinarian.

“I’m demanding without being demanding,” Kopecky said. “Players are here because they want to have fun. My attitude is to not be a dictator, I will ask for input when I can.”

Athletic Director Cara Kimberlin continued to have high praise for the new coach.

“He’s going to do a great job here in Eudora,” Kimberlin said. “He’s got a good rapport with the kids already and when he gets into the classroom it will give him an even greater opportunity to work with the entire student body.”

Kopecky, who currently is licensed as an art instructor, will be taking the necessary steps this summer so that he can teach P.E. and health at Eudora starting in the fall.

We asked Kopecky about the assistant coaching staff for the upcoming season and if the staff would remain intact or we would be seeing new assistant coaches this year.

“I’m imagine that there will be a change in only one or two coaches as opportunities and teaching positions present themselves, but as of now, I am planning on the same staff the team had last year.”

We talked to some of the parents in attendance following the meeting and all were impressed with what the coach had to say.

The one remaining question for all Eudora High football fans and it goes for any football coach is:  Will he win football games?  We will find that out starting in August.


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One Response to New Eudora Football coach outlines the future of the football program

  • Having coached with Coach Kopecky at both St. Thomas Aquinas and at Leavenworth High and as a former high school head coach myself, I can honestly tell you that the players, coaches and fans will have a ton of enjoyment and excitement. Not to mention a ton of victories.