We are very excited to announce a few new changes to  The first is rather obvious if your reading this story on our website. You can easily notice the brand new design of the website itself.  With the help of our web design team, we launched the new look early on Saturday.  We may not every bug worked out yet, but we think we have many of them.  We will be making some additional fixes and enhancements to the look during the coming week.  We hope you like the look and feel of the new site. Suggestions and comments are always welcome on the new look.

We also have opened up our Classified advertising section. You will now be able to place classified ads on our website.  If you have a garage sale, an announcement or a job opportunity, you can place those here where the eyes of Eudora look every day.  We plan on working hard to improve this system in the future and offer more options for payment of classified advertising very soon.

We are proud to say our first classified advertisement is for a job with Medicalodges Eudora.  To see this ad, you can simply look on the left hand side of the website and see the help wanted section with the job listing.  We hope that other businesses in and around Eudora take advantage of this opportunity to highlight their job openings.  We want to try to help not only the businesses in Eudora spread the word about when they are hiring but we wanted to give you, the reader, easy access to this information as well.

Our classified advertising rates are very inexpensive as well.  We provide this service at one of, if not the best cost you will find anywhere in the area in any medium.  We also are your best option for reaching the residents of Eudora each and every day.  If you would like to know about all of our rates for classified advertising simple go to our RATES page to learn all about how easily and cheaply you can sell or advertise with us.

Finally, as many have probably also noticed, the load time of the pages on the website have significantly increased. While we won’t go into all the techie side of how we have resolved this, we are proud to say that you should no longer have to wait for any page to load on this site. We have been working hard on this issue for a long time and are glad that we could improve this as well with the debut of the new site.

We hope you like the new look and fell of  Please feel free to comment below or send an email to with your suggestions on how we can better serve you on the website.

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