2014_04_05_Motorcycle_AccidentCrews remove the bike from the southside of K-10 involved in a one vehicle accident Saturday afternoon (photo by Eudorareporter.com Managing Editor John Schulz)

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Crews from around the area reported to the scene of a motorcycle accident on eastbound K-10 Saturday afternoon.  The accident occurred around 3:15 PM when a small high powered motorcycle lost control on the highway and land in a ditch along the south side of the highway.

According to Eudora Fire Chief Ken Keiter, the operator was a young male who lost control of his bike while traveling at a high rate of speed.

“The victim was transported to a Johnson County Trauma Center with serious but non life threatening injuries,” Keiter said. “Luckily he was wearing a helmet and it probably saved his life.  There was damage to the helmet but not his head.”

Keiter said that initially they were going to transport the victim via helicopter but called it off and decided to take him by ambulance to the trauma center. He added the victim appeared to have slid a good distance on K-10 before leaving the highway. His motorcycle was found lying next to a utility pole just off the roadway.

Keiter stated that there was no determination as to why the biker went down on the roadway.

Donna Labelle a resident who lives on the north side of K-10 near where the accident was said that she didn’t hear the accident but her son Logan alerted her to  accident when he heard all the sirens at the scene.

“That’s about where that girl flipped over last summer where she hit the chair,” Labelle said. “We always get three or four accidents right in this area each year.”  (Editors note: Link to story about that June accident:  www.eudorareporter.com/accident-causes-late-night-power-outage-through-most-of-eudora/)

One lane of eastbound K-10 was shutdown while crews worked the scene and the accident was cleared up in just under an hour.

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