Fiore_takes_over_MayorMayor John Fiore (center) in his first minutes as Mayor in April 2014. On the left is Vice-Mayor Tim Reazin and to the right, Councilwoman Ruth Hughs (photo by Managing Editor John Schulz)

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If your interested in seeking a seat on the City Commission or School Board, this may be the time to do so.  We talked last week about both City Commissioner Kenny Massey and School Board member Dr. Daniel Dickerson were not going to run.  Now, there are a couple of notable additions to the list.

Eudora Mayor John Fiore announced Thursday that he does not intend to seek re-election on the City Commission.

“I cannot commit to the next four years because the requirements of my family and job are likely to be much greater in the coming weeks and months,” Fiore said.

Fiore has served only one term on the City Commission, narrowly winning a seat in a hotly contested election in 2011. Fiore has served as Mayor since April, 2014.

“I’m proud of all we have accomplished as a group over the last four years,” Fiore told us. “We built a new Public Safety building, a new park out by Shadow Ridge and collaborated with the School District to bring in grants to start connecting Eudora with a trail system that makes Eudora a safer and healthier community.”

With Fiore out of the race, it leaves Councilwoman Ruth Hughs as the only incumbent that may seek re-election. Hughs has said on numerous occasions, including earlier this week, that she still is undecided about running again for office.

As of Friday morning, no one has yet filed to run in the March election.  There are be three seats to be voted on.  If not enough candidates run, it would be up to the Mayor to appoint people to the seats. Would Vice-Mayor Reazin automatically assume the role as Mayor? What about a tie vote? Who would break the tie? There are some deep constitutional questions that could arise if a lack of candidates occurs.

Belinda Rehmer

School Board member Belinda Rehmer

Over on the School Board, the lack of candidates is starting to pile up as well. Dr. Daniel Dickerson already declared he will not run and now Board Member Belinda Rehmer has stated she will not seek another term.

“Due to family changes this last year, I will not be filing,” Rehmer stated. “By the end of April I will have three new grand-babies and my first great grandchild. I plan on spending all my new found time squeezing, hugging and kissing some cheeks.”

Rehmer was first elected to the School Board in 2007 and won a second term in 2011. At post time, the only person to file for a School Board seat is Bryan Maring.  Incumbents Mark Chrislip and Joe Pyle have not declared their intentions yet. Four seats will need to be filled come April.

The filing deadline for the City elections is Tuesday, January 27 at Noon. Candidates for City Commission need to file with the Eudora City Clerk at City Hall. School Board candidates are required to file with the Douglas County Clerk in Lawrence.

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