The House and Senate Candidates for the GOP Nomination

(l-r) House Candidates Rep. Connie O’Brien and Sandra Bohne, Senate Candidates Rep. Anthony Brown and J.C. Tellefson

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Candidates for the GOP nomination in the 42nd Kansas House District and 3rd Senate District gathered at Eudora City Hall Tuesday evening for a Public Forum that highlighted many of the issues that will face the legislature in the next term.

Representative Connie O’Brien (R-Tonganoxie), who is vying for her third term in the House, faced Sandra Bohne (R-Leavenworth) in the first portion a one-on-one debate about issues ranging from taxes to health care reform.  While both candidates shared many of the same ideas on issues, education funding was the focus of the House debate.

“We have been working to keep public education without too many cuts,” O’Brien said. “But as we saw, the budget was totally out of control and we needed to start cutting some areas.”  O’Brien further stated that the state should look at making education more efficient and effective.

“We need to educate our kids, but at what cost to the taxpayer,” O’Brien said.

Bohne, who’s husband Bill serves as a School Board member in the Easton School District, also discussed the need to have local districts become more fiscally conscious.

“Many times, when the money gets to the school district, it is administered poorly,” Bohne stated. “I think we need to be working to elect business people to local School Boards, because while the Legislature appropriates the money, it’s your School Board that spends it.”

The winner of the GOP primary will face Harold Fevurly Jr. the lone Democrat in the House District race.

In the 3rd District Senate portion of the forum, 38th House District Representative Anthony Brown (R-Eudora), squared off against former Leavenworth County Commissioner J.C. Tellefson.  The focus of this portion was jobs and taxes.

“I believe the taxation laws are a mile long bridge and we are one quarter of the way across,” Tellefson said.  “My biggest concern is that if we don’t get the unprecedented growth that I hope we do get, then we are going to have to cut seriously. I’m afraid that will move the expenses down to cities, school districts and counties.”

Brown responded by talking about his thoughts on income tax and capital taxation.

“We know that the four highest taxed states lost population to states with low income tax states that don’t tax capital,” Brown said. “Sales tax is a better more stable and secure way of taxing.  Income and capital cannot be taxed.”

Brown cited studies by Dr. Art Laffer, one of the economists heavily relied upon under the Nixon, Ford and Reagan Presidential administrations.

“If you want to build small business you lower the cost of  capital. Everyone’s tax on their income should be zero.”

The winner of the 3rd Senate District GOP primary will face incumbent Democratic Senator Tom Holland in November.

The forum for both races was presented by The Eudora Chamber of Commerce and 



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3 Responses to Meet the Candidates 2012 – The GOP Primary

  • I’m a long time resident of the Eudora area and I support Anthony Brown. I have had the opportunity to testify to financial and taxation committees. As my Representative, Anthony made me proud as he asked excellent questions and proposed common sense solutions to fiscal concerns.

  • As allways Anthony Brown gets my vote.
    I hope someday he can run for the White House and get this country back on track.
    Our current pres and the numskull GOP cantidate we have now for pres are just going to toss this country back another 210 years.
    This presidential election will be a good one to write in Mickey Mouse !!!!

  • I will never support Anthony Brown. He is a puppet for Brownback’s right wing extreme agenda (and Brownback is just a puppet of the Koch Brothers) that will bankrupt the state. Well, the state won’t be bankrupt, but roads, education, all social services, etc. will be. I’m all about fiscal responsibility and low taxes (I’m a Republican), but I don’t live in a fantasy world and realize that there must be some level of taxation to properly fund these goods and services.