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The Mayor of Eudora, along with several people behind the Facebook effort to get crossover safety barriers on K-10, will put a big push on this weekend during the CPA picnic.

A tent will be on site where citizens can sign the petition supporting safety barriers along the K-10 corridor from Lawrence to Kansas City.  The group will also be selling bumper stickers (pictured above), for $1.  The profits from the sale of the stickers will go towards an insurance policy for the group to be located at other venues along the corridor.  Most places of business require the insurance for liability purposes. Any remaining money left from the sale of the stickers, will be donated the family of Cainan Shutt.  Shutt was the boy killed in the crossover over accident near the Church Street exit on K-10 on April 16.

“We are trying to get the community behind the project and help us let KDOT know that we need improvements along the K-10 corridor,” Mayor Scott Hopson said.

The petition will be available both Friday and Saturday evening after 6:30PM for registered voters to sign. Once enough signatures are gathered, the petitions will then be forwarded on to KDOT and the Governor.

“We need everyone to help on this,” Hopson added. “KDOT needs to know that this is a community wide effort and citizens not only in Eudora, but the rest of Douglas County and Johnson County also.”

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2 Responses to Mayor looking to public to help with K-10 barriers

  • Since this group is selling bumper stickers to raise money for insurance at other venues, do they have insurance for this one?
    Is it required for a political booth at Eudora parks. If so, do they have it. Do others who have booths at the park pay a fee to set up there? If so, does this group? Since the mayor is involved, are they getting special privileges for this booth such as the illegal signage placed by the mayor on the highway right of way that is still there. When will this be removed? How many signatures do they need to have enough? Isn’t that, K10 safety, what they are having meetings about with KDOT representatives every month? Are citizens that are against cable barriers, but not against making the highway safer, allowed to attend those meetings to express their views? Didn’t the Governor already do what he intended to do? All he did was pass it along to KDOT and will just do the same with the petitions. I will be thankful for the new shoulders promised if they ever happen.

  • I think that other people and cities are going to start thinking that people in Eudora are NUTS!
    Wonder if the mayor is some how related to the Shutt family?