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Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson today formally endorsed Senator Tom Holland, D-Baldwin City, in his bid for re-election to the Kansas Senate’s 3rd District.  Hopson endorsed Holland over Holland’s challenger, State Representative Anthony Brown, R-Eudora.

In a press release from Holland’s office, Hopson laid out his reasons for backing Holland.

“When tragedy struck on K-10 Highway, there were several communities that came together in an effort to make the highway a safe place for all. We made numerous phone calls to our local elected state representatives. Only one stepped up to help,” said Hopson.

Holland worked with City of Eudora, Douglas County, and KDOT officials in the effort to get cable median barriers installed on K-10 Highway.  Holland also worked to introduce Senate Bill 342, the Safety Corridor Act, which would utilize appropriate signage, education, and enforcement programs to reduce accidents on specifically designated highway segments where accidents frequently occur. The bill passed the Senate but died in a House Committee and was not put into law.

“Senator Tom Holland answered our calls, assisted our efforts and made that stretch of highway safer today. That is leadership. That is what we need in a State Senator, not someone who will turn his back on us in a time of need,” Hopson continued.  “Tom Holland is a leader we can depend on, he is not afraid to step up and fight on our behalf.  That is why I endorse Tom Holland for Kansas Senator”.

Holland served three terms in the Kansas House of Representatives before being elected to the Kansas Senate in 2008.  He is the Ranking Member on the Senate Assessment and Taxation Committee and the Senate Commerce Committee.  He also serves on the Senate Interstate Cooperation Committee, the Senate Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee, and the Joint Committee on Information Technology.

Holland will appear in Eudora at the Meet the Candidates – The General Election forum along with his opponent, Representative Anthony Brown on Sunday September 30. Also scheduled to attend the forum will be the 2nd District  U.S. House of Representatives candidates Lynn Jenkins and Tobias Slingensipien along with Kansas House of Representatives District 42 candidates Connie O’Brien and Harold Fevurly, Jr.  The Forum will be held in the Eudora Middle School Auditorium, 2635 Church Street.  The forum will begin at 1:30 PM.

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29 Responses to Mayor backs Holland for Kansas Senate

  • Well anyone that has Scott Hopson’s vote doesn’t have mine. Scott Hopson is a joke to this town and no one likes him. Good luck to Mr. Brown! Pretty bad move!

  • While this was a tragedy that as a parent I can not fully begin to understand, Anthony Brown has campaigned as a fiscal conservative and kept true to his word to not spend where there is no money to spend. Our Mayor should worry more about the rampant drug issues in this town that contributed to this accident happening in the first place and leave the state highway to the state elected officials. He seems to be more concerned with tying his legacy to a pork project rather than bringing businesses to this town to improve quality of life and ease the tax burden on our community.

  • Truegirl: I am proud that Scott Hopson is our mayor and I am glad that he supports Tom Holland. Seriously, the fact that you are trying to start an argument about Tom Holland by saying that, “No one like him” proves that we need better education in Eudora. Anthony Brown votes against education.

    Frances: It is obvious that the state elected officials were not planning on doing anything to put up cable barriers so Scott Hopson took action and look at K-10 now, under construction to make it a safe road. Also, he is bringing business to Eudora and keeping businesses in Eudora by the “Shop Eudora First” Campaign.

  • Vote (D) for Drive .. not (R) for Reverse.
    Republicans are rich, selfish elitists who do not care about you. They only want power, money, more power, and more money.

  • I am a fan of both men because they are looking out for all of us. Our community is better off because of both of these guys. Tom Holland’s agenda is about the people, not political fame. And I’m particularly pleased that at least one person in this community is not being led around by a nose ring.

  • Haha. Shop Eudora first.. What is here? Penny annies? Oh wait there is free state tactical firearms. Let me go buy a gun which democrats are trying to take from us. I guess I could always go to the over priced grocery store.

  • I was sickened when I got the flyer in the mail. Why would anyone use a child’s death to promote themselves? The only way K10 will be safer is if people obey the speed limit and stop driving drunk or high. Until then K10 will never be safe. Even with the barriers.

  • What flyer, I guess I am out of the loop, which I like anyway… I cannot stand gossip, especially Eudora gossip… Can someone show me what this flyer looks like? I am not sure why were left out of the mailing…. Not just driving drunk or high but also stop texting and driving, how do you stop that?

  • Wait!! The Mayor sticks his neck out to support someone who has tried to make hwy 10 a little safer, and people are mad about it. Mr Hobson is intitled to his opinion. We are not sheep, at least I’m not a voter who just takes one persons info, or RANT and believes it. Lets just take a breath and hit the candy store for some licorice or ice cream and head over to the NEW, clean grocery store for the cheapest milk around. We live in this town, it will only thrive if we are willing to work with and for the people who were elected to run it. If we don’t like the way it is being run, there’s always another election ahead.

  • Maybe the next Mayor should try and make changes within Eudora or on K-10 and do it anonymously….. In order for the Mayor to stand up for the people that elected him he must do it publicly, unlike those of you that criticize hiding behind an assumed name. Saving the lives of the citizens and public safety should be the number one priority of our Mayor. Those who think that Scott doesnt represent them, thank the good Lord that you have never lost a child or loved one on K-10. If you have lost a loved one on K-10, then you know that he has done the job that an overwhelming number of you elected him to do nearly four years ago. Thanks for the courage Mr Hopson, and thanks for doing it publicly.

  • Cardinal, well said.

  • Thanks for the kind words Sandra. For those of us that remember the Eudora of old I say “we have come a long way”.

  • Eudora has come a long way to being too costly to live in and thats it.
    Highest taxed city base in Kansas.

  • Another great thing about this CRAP FN city.
    WHY cant they keep the electricity on ?
    Jumobugowy Africa out in the middle of FN noplace has a better electrical grid than Eudora does.
    This city just plane ass sucks !!!!!!
    The power goes off no less than 2 times a week.
    This SHI# has cost me thousands in TVs and other electrical items over the las 15 years, i am FN sick of this crap !!!!!

  • Africa is a continent not a country. I have been to the continent of Africa , I dont remember a town or village called Jumobugowy in the parts I have been to. The Electrical grid in most of Africa as most of other third world countries is a Generator,I think our citys power generation system is much better than that. Lawrence, Baldwin and the rest of Douglas County also lose power from time to time and are at the mercy of KPL to get it turned back on.Los Angelas and New York city also lose power and for days at a time, and talk about high taxes.My advice to Businessman is this , if the town is so bad and has cost you so much money and heartache in the past with all of your lost electronics maybe you need to move somewhere better.If that isnt an option run into Lawrence, spend the twenty minutes sitting at stop lights and buy a surge proector at WalMart. Just my opinion from Eudora North America.

  • You should have visited Jumobugowy while you were there. Its nice LOL
    Just a quick update on taxation in Lawrence vs Eudora , a $125.000 .00 home in Lawrence is about $550.00 cheaper a year for realestate tax totals.
    Trust me card, i am going to blow this joint as soon as i can get the house sold.
    I also lived in lawrence for 30 years and the power was very stable , unlike here where it goes dead twice a month or more.
    Our system is CRAP and has been CRAP for years.
    Our water and sewer system is also CRAP here. The water is better, but still crap compared to other towns.
    My opinion. Your views may differ.

  • “Businessman” should change his moniker. It imply’s “professional” but, I’d have to wonder about that after reading his posts. We should all be supportive of our town. There are much nicer ways to deal with “issues” than just blowing off steam with negativity. I’m curious as to what “Businessman” has done for this community….

  • I spent a whole lot of money out of my pocket to fight the school board on some bad issues and saved us millions.
    I fought hard for against unfair taxation of all Eudorians.
    I fought to get a couple new businesses into Eudora in recent years.
    I brough it about $115.000.00 thousand in sales tax revenue
    I used to work with the city to plan things out and do what the people could afford to pay, but thats all out the window now with the new city admin, he is taking this city down and Eudora will be so screwed in another year.
    The reason i (rant) on here is it now does no good to take anything to the city and to try to get them to concider anything but what they see with there blinders on . They have NO CLUE what they are doing.
    The city had followed the school board and feel it doesnt matter how much things cost, the people of Eudora are lemmings and they will just keep paying more taxes.
    WELL thats whats happening BIGTIME NOW with this stupid as$ new Police Firestation building . Do we need this HELL NO !!!
    This with what the school board is going to ask for next year is going to raise the average home tax on a $125.000.00 home by another $350.00 a year.
    This is wny i am leaving this crap city and many more are doing the same thing. Some are just so fed up they are walking out and leaving empty homes to decay and guess what, nobody is paying those taxes boys and girls, yip no tax collection on those homes now.

  • The opinion of a mayor of a town of six thousand people doesn’t really matter, since you know he doesn’t even receive income. It also doesn’t help that he has a confederate flag inside his garage for everyone to see. Yes, because everyone is going to take him seriously. Get real people. Go Anthony Brown!

  • Dang i have a confederate flag too !!!! I love the colors and what the flag meant before it was used as a racial crutch and looked down on by people who should just leave the United States.
    He does get $250.00 a month in pay as well.
    I like your post, thank you for joining in.
    You should be our link to the school and whats going on out there with the school board and all there goofyness and dumb ideas.

  • Businessman – I don’t have any idea what you think the school board is going to ask for next year. The tax rates, as set by the school board, have been basically flat for years. The number of mills taxed by the school board has remained flat for years. If your total number of dollars paid has gone up, because of those mills, then that must mean the value of your property has gone up, which in my mind is a good thing.

  • Let me ask you this.
    How much do you pay in school tax dollars for your home ?
    I pay right at $1,780.00 a friking year. Have no kids in a school, never had kids in a school.
    The mill rate for the school district goes up every year.
    They max it out every year as much as they can.
    When the new numbers are out and the states dollars drop IE ( Next Year ) they, (the district) will again go for as much as possible and cost us more dollars.
    ALSO we have 4 new schools costing us buzzillions each year. When one bond goes off , they add another or two more.
    WE didnt need another grade school, but we have it and its dragging our city down with taxation cost.
    We have a grade school going to waste on the west side of town as we speak.
    We have Nottingham that needs to be torn down and the land sold along with Laws Field, but that aint gonna happen , trust me those greedy boogers wont let it go.
    Anyway the districs wastes millions and cost us buzzillions, i think they suck !!!!!!!

  • Businessman,
    I agree with you on a couple points. Yes, this month’s city utility bill was an unwelcome surprise and I hope the City of Eudora can consider it an early Christmas gift. I’m Just Sayin.
    But in all fairness, for a person who doesn’t have time to sit on a council and voice his opinions where it might gain some traction with an audience that could actually act upon it, you sure seem to frequent this site a BUNCH. I’m Just Sayin.
    And for a person with so much negative to say about our schools, I happen to know there are some amazing English & Language Arts teachers who would be more than willing to help you proofread your comments before posting so they do not have the frequent misspellings, grammar and usage errors. Again, I’m Just Sayin.
    And “I brought it (sic) about $115.000 thousand in sales tax revenue”? Hacking through your typos, I cannot overlook the 115,000 thousand claim. If it is what you say, then in truth you are saying $115 million (a thousand thousands makes a million) and have single-handedly absorbed the shock of our school district’s $45 million bond issue and for that, I would have thank you with open arms for the opportunities you have provided young people in our community. Maybe the rest of your sales tax revenue could pay down the police and fire department building downtown, then. Again, I’m Just Sayin. I would like Mr. Harrenstein give naming rights to someone who has contributed so greatly to our community’s tax base. Oh, wait. Maybe that “$115.000 thousand” was another typo. I bet there’s a decent math teacher in our school system who is pretty good with numbers who could help clarify your syntax in this instance, too. I’m Just Sayin.
    And while I do not often welcome For Sale signs in our community as a result of the reasons you state, I do thank you for leaving your home in good standing with your lender. The amount of foreclosures this community has witnessed is a tough thing to see, but is most certainly not exclusive to only Eudora, nor is the fact that businesses here struggle or that new businesses are hesitant to commit to a new venture with the economy as it is.
    I hope you find whatever it is out there you are looking for. I’m Just Sayin and I approve this message.

  • In response to Businessman’s claim of “The mill rate for the school district goes up every year,” I have the following infomation.
    School Year 2010-2011: Eudora School District Patrons were taxed 71.721 mills. For 2011-2012, it was 71.67 mills. For the current year of 2012-2013 it is 71.739 mills.
    I am having a hard time seeing how the mill rate is going up. That is just about as flat as it can be. Again, the school district has no say on how much your property is worth, which determines the final number of dollars that are owed in taxes. As I said before, if your total has gone up, then that means the value of your house has gone up.
    As for not managing buildings and facilities well. West Elementary was shuttered to save budget, by cutting overhead. Are you aware, that all of West is currently leased to other organizations right now such as the Greenbush Educational Consortium. The building is absolutely being cared for and someday will be used as a school again. The district is pursuing the sale of the Nottingham/Laws Field property. The district is doing its best to get the real value of the property in that sale, and is attempting to do what is best for both the district and the city.
    Businessman – please get your facts before you get on here and rant and rave.

  • WOW. very cool, got some feathers ruffled up , good.
    Yes i somehow made an error in my tax collection totals. It was about $92.000.00 give or take a few bad months. ( this was over several years )
    As for my speeling, i dont care on here and yes we do have some great teachers here in Eudora, but we have a board that is wasteful as hell.
    I,m just saying i dont have the time , nor would i want to be involved with this city anymore. I have tried to help before and did alot, but i could care less now.
    As for the mill rate, yep your right but look back over the last 20 years. This district has to tread carefuly due to being maxed out to what the state will alow them to raise the mill to and what % each year.
    It has not went down in 20 years nor will it ever drop again. They have figured out that they can keep us taxed to the legal limit and nobody really bitches out loud much.
    Eudora is full of lemmings now and they dont get involved. Everyone here works out of town and has no time to see whats going on anymore.
    mark my words. Your school taxes will go up next year, even if your home value does not.
    If we keep the city manager we have now, this city is going to be broke in 3 years, yes 3 years !!! and you will see a tax increase like you have never seen in your lifetime.
    Lat and final your utility rates are going to more than double in the next year. If your total bill is $200.00 a month now it will be $400.00 a month i guarantee in 2014 .
    AND yes the city was crooked to allow your billing cycle to go 40 days and they know a lot of folks couldnt pay it all on time, so they get that extra late fee for FREE from you and its a bonus to the citys till. Add up those 300 to 400 late fees at $70.00 a pop , thats good business income for the city….

  • So the answer to the issues in the city is to abolish an elected Mayor system so that the conservative city council (commission) can appoint a city manager, effectively consolidating all legislative power into one body? (this is on the Nov 6th Douglas County ballot) This will create wards and will ensure that money collected in wards only gets spent in those wards. You might as well move the state line just west of Eudora then, as this ward system is decidedly a southern state mentality. This is even happening in Lawrence where there are new limits on how much trash you can put out (lower service, same cost). It’s sad that Kansas has slowly bled from its populistic roots to the conservative, anti-collective, anti-tax, anti-education, intolerant, rich-serving state that it has become. The separation of powers in the Mayor-Council system is a good thing. When I hear anti-government sentiments that schools are wasteful, government is inefficient and taxes are too high, I have to raise my eyebrows and wonder what the real agenda is. It’s to lower the taxes on upper incomes and reduce services for everybody else (schools, roads, etc).

    • Just to note: We will not have “wards”. The existing Council members will become commissioners, but there will continue to be 5 and they will be at large. No monies will be divided into sections of town.

  • matdo ) The system will devide Eudora even more than now and the hav nots will loose out in every way shape and form if they change the form in November. VOTE NO !!!!!!!!!
    if you want things to get better VOTE NO a yes vote will destroy your city !!!!!!