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Road maintenance crews will be converging on Eudora starting Wednesday June 27 to begin repairing many of Eudora’s Streets. The biggest project crews will be working on is the repaving of 10th street (aka Old-K10 or Douglas County Road 442).

Starting on Wednesday crews will begin with milling the sides of  the roadway from the east side of the bridge over the Wakarusa River and moving east all the way to K-10.

“Once they get the milling done, which should take somewhere between two and five days, then the overlay process will begin,” according to Mike Hutto, Director of Public Works for the City of Eudora.  Hutto said he expects the entire project to take between two and four weeks, weather permitting.

During the 10th Street phase of the project, streets that intersect 10th will be closed at 10th Street in the areas that crews are working in.

“The Main Street and Church Street intersections will be open through the entire process,” Hutto added. “The side streets will be closed only as long as crews are in that particular section.”

Some delays on 10th Street should be expected where road crews are.

“We will have only one lane of traffic on 10th Street right where the crews are working,” Hutto told us. “There will be a flagman to help direct the one lane section as needed.” You will need to detour to an open intersecting side street to cross 10th Street or use Main or Church Street to traverse across 10th during the construction.

Once the 10th Street repaving is completed, crews will then begin work on some of the side streets and other problem areas,  the biggest of those being 20th Street.

20th Street will be overlayed  from Church Street west to just past Eudora Animal Hospital.  Continuing west of there, 20th Street will be chip sealed all the way to the intersection of Winchester Road. Winchester Road will also be chip sealed from the 20th Street intersection up to the bridge over K-10.

The section that will be overlayed will take about two days and there will be one lane of traffic allowed during crew working hours.  This phase is expected to last two days.  During the chip seal portion of the project, 20th Street will be closed just past Eudora Animal Hospital to Winchester Road for two weeks.

“We will make sure to open that road (referring to west of the vet clinic) on Wednesdays and Sundays to allow access to the churches out there.” Hutto said.

Hutto expected the 20th Street project to start around mid July.

Other streets that will see maintenace during this period include a complete overlay on 12th Street east from Church Street to near Tallgrass Drive, a group of streets east of Winchester and south of 14th Street including Sycamore Street, Stevens Road, Savage Street and Cottonwood Street,  and Ocl Drive south of 10th Street in the Intech Business Park.

Finally, the following locations will get chip sealed:

– Locust Street from 10th to 14th

– Maple Street from 10th to 11th and 12th to 15th

– Fir Street from 10th to 11th

– Pine Street from 10th to 12th

– Spruce Street/W 14th Street/Walnut Street (one long section, editors note: don’t ask me why the street changes names three times) from 10th where it ends at the woods

– Walnut Street from 10th to 12th

– Cherry Street from 10th to 11th

On all the chip and seal streets, the road will be closed only long enough to let the chip and seal cool. They should be open by the evening at the very latest according to Hutto.


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6 Responses to Make way for the road crews

  • Chip and seal
    What a cheap FN city. We pay taxes for PAVED STREETS and we get the crap chip and seal and the bumps.
    We wouldnt have a paved road in town if it wasnt for the county doing the county roads that pass through town.
    Wonder if they will take the time to knock down the big bulges in the street before dumping the craptastic Chip & Seal crap on the street ?
    We need some new city leaders to get this town up into a shape that we pay for. We pay for Champagne and we get Beer.
    Eudora has become the laughing stock of the whole state of Kansas.
    You should hear the chatter about it (Eudora) wanting to change its status with the state , lol , lol LMFAO all over Topeka..
    Eudora is the WalMart of towns in Kansas. Get the money and never do anything for anyone.

  • There is nothing wrong with chip and seal streets. Majority of the county roads are chip and seal, over asphalt. If you were a long time eudora resident, most of the streets from 14th north in town are chip and seal over asphalt also. Except for the hunters ridge area and a few others. Alot of the bumps are from where whater lines, gas lines, etc have been repaired and the area that was cut out was repaired poorly or has settled over time and the city has done nothing to fix for several years. I say that anything is better than the dust and HUGE pot holes that 20th st and Winchester has had. This is one time I cant complain about what the city is doing. Just remember how much money the previous city manger BLEW on downtown upgrades. It will take time to get the budget back where it belongs.

  • Oh and you mentioned Topeka! Well, Eudora is 100% better than that crime infested town! Who would go to Topeka anyways? That town has nothing that Overland Park doesnt have. Or any town east of here for that matter! Topeka/Shawnee Co = JOKE!

  • The chip and seal is terrible in this city. They dont EVER smooth anything out first, like the poor repaired spots , the buckeling at stop signs, the ruts from years of traffic , the holes from chunks coming out and so on .
    Drive 12th street from Church st west to Winchester rd and see how smooth that warzone piece of **** street is. I can name 60 other bad streets as well.
    We have the worst streets of any small town in Kansas.
    As for what was spent downtown by the former city leader , it was very minute , Cheryl did more for this city in 10 hours than this bunch of yahooos has done in 3 years. They are a joke when it comes to what the city needs and what they want to ram down our throats.
    1 New multi million dollar Fire Medical Building (not needed)
    2 A code book change that will ruin any chance of ever having a downtown that can survive and produce tax revenue.
    many many more things that they have done as well.
    Eudora is way way worse off now then it was 5 years ago.
    The thing Eudora needs now is to make itself look better and atract new business. It also needs to make it cost efective for the people who live here and to get the tax rate down instead of bumping it up so much.
    The school district needs to be totaly redone and put on a budget to live within its means. They are OUT OF CONTROL !!!

  • I would have to agree Eudora has very poor streets. There is nothing wrong with chip and seal but you have to repair the roadway below it first. 12th street is unbelievably bad. I am not sure who maintains 2100 road city or county but that is the worse gravel road I have ever driven on. I have been on tractor paths smoother. We have four main streets running east/west I believe we need a better plan than “go around to 10th”. But hey those street lamps sure are pretty.

  • LBJ I meant the state house in Topeka, they look at Eudora as a joke.