We are looking for individuals to cover the various sports that go on in town, particularly at the high school level. The current staff of Eudorareporter.com is rather small at the moment and while we want to give full coverage to all sports, we simply don’t have time to cover every event.

Can you write in a brief concise format? Can you put together a short bit of information about the games?  Then we are looking for you. One person need not cover every sport. If we can get several people together to cover various sports we would like to bring information and reports about the games to the people who unfortunately cannot attend all these events.

If your a parent who attends the games, a student who is looking for their first break into journalism and wants to learn more, or if you are a fan and want to help a particular sport out, we want to hear from you.

For more information, email: editor@eudorareporter.com

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