102From dark to bright: 720 Main Street went from one of the darkest buildings in downtown Eudora at night to one of the brightest.

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Eudora electricians Aaron Thakker (BT Electric) and Brad Hemel (Super Electric) have spent a good portion of their free time in the last couple of months helping to electrify the future site of the Eudora Community Museum at 720 Main Street. The historic property at 720 Main Street sat vacant and without any functioning electrical features for decades until Thakker and Hemel volunteered to help. Thakker and Hemel first spent hours selecting the necessary electrical components for the property and finding the lowest rates available. Following the selection of the items, they installed the items for no charge. Their generosity saved the Eudora Area Historical Society (EAHS) thousands of dollars. “I am happy to help the community and give back” Thakker said regarding his work.

All electrical features have now been installed on the lower floor. Most notably, track lighting was installed to help direct light onto specific exhibits and artifacts that will be housed in the property. “We are incredibly grateful for the generosity of Aaron and Brad, their donation has made a huge difference for us,” EAHS Executive Director Ben Terwilliger said upon reflection of Thakker and Hemel’s work. Terwilliger added: “Furthermore, we are thrilled with the quality of their work. You won’t find any better electricians in Eudora than Aaron and Brad.” The Eudora Community Museum will open to the public at 720 Main Street in early 2015.


 Track-lighting installed at 720 Main Street.

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