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We received this a short time ago from reader Leonard H. of Eudora.

Early morning commuters should be alert for deer around town.  I jog in the 6-7 a.m. hour.  Several days ago there was a deer in the 800 block of Birch Street, and this morning there was a deer, presumably the same one, in the 700 block of Church Street.  These animals can move FAST.  This one clears chain-link fences like they were no more than a blade of grass.

You should always be careful driving through town and particularly on the roads leading out of town. You never know what type of animal, or person for that matter, can jump into your path with no notice.

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One Response to Let’s all be careful out there

  • I just saw a deer today (05/29/2011) at a little after 11 a.m. farther into town at the corner of 11 th and Elm Streets. It was standing in the intersection. It appeared that it was trying to decide which way to go.