Full Throttle CakeThe wedding cake for Michael and Angie Ballard of truTV’s Full Throttle Saloon (photo courtesy Cami Sanromani)


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The truTV reality show Full Throttle Saloon follows the exploits of Michael Ballard, the owner of the legendary bar in Sturgis, SD, along with his fiance Angie and Jesse James Dupree from the band Jackyl, make a living at the world’s biggest motorcycle rally each year.  The show, now wrapping up it’s 4th season on the cable channel, has a local twist this season with a Eudora connection.

Following the August 2012 Rally in Sturgis, the group packed up and took the bar on the road to Berkley Riverfront Park in downtown Kansas City to host ThrottleFest in celebration of 98.9 FM on-air personality Johnny Dare’s birthday.

During ThrottleFest,  Ballard decided he would surprise his longtime fiance at the event by marrying her at the event.   With three days notice, Ballard planned an entire wedding without the knowledge of Angie.   As any bride can attest, planing a wedding reception takes weeks if not months for everything to be just right.  Ballard, using the guy approach to things, did it in a matter of hours.

Ballad and Dupree went to All Seasons Event Rental in Kansas City to book the event.  This included getting Angie a wedding dress, all the tents, catering, and reception needs.  Again, as any bride will tell you, you can’t have a wedding reception without a cake.  (Important factoid there for guys that have the guts to try do this on their own…)  One of the owners of All Seasons had previously used Cami’s Cake Co. located in Downtown Eudora for her reception.

“I did a last minute cake for a bride and got her out of a jam and it just so happened she was part of All Season’s,” Cami Sanromani said. “So when this guy walked into there and said he needed all this stuff really fast, she had him call me.”

Sanromani had a very short time line to prepare a full wedding cake and deliver it to Kansas City for the event.

“I had no idea who he (Ballard) was when he called me and ordered the cake,” Sanromani told us. “Normally we plan cakes like this almost a year in advance and we had to have it ready in three days.”

Sanromani worked feverishly to research some information about Ballard and prepare a wedding cake for a reception that was not your typical event.

“When we went to deliver the cake, we walked up and saw this little guy in a leprechaun outfit that kept pulling his pants down,”  Sanromani said as she chuckled. “It was definitely different but fun.”

Johnny Dare-Sanromani daughter98.9 The Rock On-Air Personality Johnny Dare with Sanromani’s daughter (photo courtesy Cami Sanromani)

The truTV series wraps up the season this Wednesday night at 8:00 PM (channel 48/248 on Knology Cable, 204 on Dish Network and 246 on Direct TV) with scenes from ThrottleFest and the Ballard wedding.  We imagine the cake and possibly Sanromani and her crew as well, will be featured.  If you want to see some of the previous episodes including last weeks that shows the tail end of the phone call between Ballard and Sanromani, you can check it out at trutv.com.

(Parental Warning: You do not want to watch this show with your young children nearby.)

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