The Bleachers at Laws Field

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One of the most iconic sites as you enter town from K-10 has been the bleachers at Laws Field.  Soon, the icon will become another memory of old Eudora.  At this months School Board meeting, the Board voted to tear down the bleachers.

“The condition of the bleachers at Laws Field are rapidly deteriorating,” Superintendent Don Grosdidier said.  “We tried to fence them off with snow fence and people come and just push it down when they want to go on them. We either have to maintain them for safety reasons or we need to get rid of them and to me, I don’t think it’s a wise investment of money to maintain those.”

Grosdidier and several Board members expressed during the Board Meeting that this decision was not about tearing down another historic structure but was needed due to the insurance company fears of safety concerns arising from the poor condition of the bleachers.

“I can’t tell you how many splinters I have taken out of people this long,” Board member Dr. Daniel Dickerson said with his fingers spread wide apart.

R.D. Johnson Excavating was awarded a contract for $5000 to tear down the bleachers.  Grosdidier said during his presentation to the Board that any money received by the recycling of the steel would be split evenly between the School District and R.D. Johnson Excavating.

Grosdidier added that during the demolition of the bleachers, the Laws Field complex would be closed to the public.  He added that he expected the entire project to likely be completed in a single day.

Following demolition, the track area would once again be opened up to the public and the School District plans to keep the fence surrounding the field in place for the foreseeable future.

There was no word on the exact day the demolition would occur. Once permits and proof of insurance were obtained and submitted to both the District and the City, it would be up to the excavation company as to when the would be able to schedule the project.

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