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Approximately seven months after it first opened, Los Agaves Mexican Restaurant has apparently closed it doors for the final time.

This past Monday, several moving trucks were seen at the restaurant and by the end of the day, the entire place had been cleaned out including chairs, tables and the cash register.

Los Agaves originally opened in late February 2012 with the name Casa Agave.  In April, the business won a Downtown Grant award from the city to help pay for signage.  Soon after the Casa Agave signage was in place, it then changed it’s name to Los Agaves.

Casual observation of the cars in the parking lot of the 10th Street business showed a decline in clientele over the last few months.

Messages to Javier Segoviano, co-owner and manager of the restaurant were not returned.

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4 Responses to Las Agaves closes its doors

  • Hate to lose another local business, especially a dining option, but this place was BAD.

  • Overpriced, bland food, terrible service. Doomed from the start.

  • I liked this place a lot we always had great service and the food was always great too. Not sure why other people didn’t like it. It was a lot better than any other restaurant in Eudora. Also wasn’t over priced at all, the comparable Mexican restaurants in Lawrence are the same prices.

  • It is the same old, same old. A new business comes to town, everyone flocks to it and it is all the rage for a minute. Then the newness wears off and it gots belly up. It is terribly sad, and getting more and more serious since it is not easy to start a business and maintain one either. Watching it decline has to be even tougher, or possibly never get off the ground (due to lack of interest?). Not sure. Why is it that we cannot keep decent businesses in town, we have plenty of people to keep them going. Trouble is, everyone wants to go to another town. I have even seen our townspeople in Desoto, thinking they are hiding out in their dollar store. We have a dollar store and your giving Desoto our tax dollars. Guess it shows a lot for the new campaign, Shop Eudora First, just not happening for the most part. No one can whine when we are back to just CAseys and all the good places go elsewhere to run a business.