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The Kansas Department of Transportation announced this morning that the will proceed with a project to install cable barriers on two sections of K-10.

Deputy Secretary and State Transportation Engineer Jerry Younger, speaking at the Eudora Park and Rec Center, stated that a two mile section of cables will be installed on K-10 stretching from the Church Street to the East 2300 Road interchanges at Eudora and a a mile on either side of the K-7 interchange in Johnson County.

The decision to add the barriers in the two areas of K-10 comes on the recommendation of the K-10 safety committee headed by KDOT District Engineer Clay Adams and Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson.

“It was important that the committee help identify the engineering and social factors that should be considered by KDOT as we make the most appropriate decisions for barrier placement on K-10 and elsewhere in the state. I appreciate the work they’ve done and their input will be important as we move forward,” Younger said.

When asked about the time line for construction of the barriers would begin, Younger stated that the normal time line for KDOT to send a project to bid was 9 months.  Younger added that he hopes that timeline could be sped up for this project but did not want to make any commitments at this time.

“We hope to have actual construction start by late summer 2012,” Younger added.

The project, estimated to cost $800,000, will be funded from the KDOT safety funds.

Mayor Scott Hopson and Deputy Secretary Jerry Younger

“This is a huge step forward,” Mayor Hopson said. “This is more than realistically we thought we could accomplish.  Hopefully, this will save lives. I cannot thank enough all the people involved including Governor Brownback for their assistance on this.”

Younger also said that KDOT will seek to designate the entire length of K-10 as a highway safety corridor.  This action must be done by the state legislature and plans are to proceed with that in the 2012 session which begins in January.  The safety corridor designation provides for more enforcement and increased fines for violations.

Prior to official designation of a safety corridor by the legislature, KDOT is exploring was to add additional law enforcement to K10, including the possibility of providing funding to local law enforcement agencies.

Mother Ali Shutt, along with 2-year-old Courtlynn Shutt

Alison Shutt, mother of 5-year-old Cainan Shutt who was killed in a crossover accident in April, made a brief statement where she thanked all the people include state, county and local officials and citizens who helped support the effort for cable barriers along the highway.

“We would have loved to have seen the whole highway done,” Shutt said. “But we are very happy with the beginning steps of making K-10 safer.”

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