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The K-10 safety commission, ordered by Governor Brownback, met for the first time in Eudora on Thursday to discuss ideas on how to improve roadway safety along the K-10 corridor.

Several officials from cities along the corridor between Kansas City and Lawrence were in attendance as were multiple law enforcement officials from state, county and a few municipalities in the Kansas City area.  KDOT Assistant Secretary Jerry Younger, along with KDOT engineer Clay Adams also attended the meeting.

Adams and Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson were selected as the committee chairs.  The commission will meet monthly and prepare a report for KDOT later on this year on their recommendations on how best to improve roadway safety along the corridor.

“We are not here to point fingers or lay blame,” Hopson stated. “We are here to work together.”

Adams had a slightly different take from previous KDOT officials statements.

“I come to these meetings very open. I come to this process to as very open-minded. There are some people in KDOT who would just flat say we’re not going to put a barrier up. I just want you to know I’m not one of those.” Adams said.

The group spent a large amount of time looking at the numbers of fatality accidents along the corridor. Eudora City Administrator John Harrenstein noted that it seems like several of the crossover fatality accidents that have occurred on the highway, were nearer to Eudora than any other locale.

Carie Lawrence, grandmother of Cainan Shutt, the five year old boy killed on K-10 in April brought a sense of humanism to the proceedings.

“Every number has a name. I don’t want that to get forgotten as we go to these meetings.”

The next meeting is tentative scheduled for July when Dean Siking, a University of Nebraska professor and expert in the field of highway safety will be in attendance to provide detailed information to the committee.

Officials will continue to study the numbers and look for the best solution to present to KDOT who will have the ultimate decision on any possible improvements to the corridor.

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2 Responses to K-10 safety commission meets

  • First of all, let me say this. This accident was a terrible thing for all involved, let us not forget that 2 persons lost their lives in this accident, as are all accidents that cause injuries and deaths. The topic of cable barriers, I believe, was pronounced “done with” when KDOT stated that K10 did not warrant cable barriers. Are we to believe that a small town mayor from a dot on the map next to a highway in northeast Kansas, that is just like highways all over the state, and his hand picked, surely he talked with them and only chose those who agreed with his views, committee will be able to circumvent studies by what the state of Kansas believes are experts on this issue? Are my tax dollars actually paying for the gas and time for the KDOT representative(s), who are only present due to the governor’s publicly passing off this issue to KDOT, to deal with such a moot issue? What is the next step when the cable barriers are turned down? Are other safety issues being considered or is this just a cable barrier or nothing issue. Are these meetings open to the public or just for the chosen few? Why is so much attention being paid to this event but the city commission’s meeting results are seldom reported on? I know my opinions on this issue have riled many people in this small town that is showing so much anger and emotion concerning this horrible auto accident, but I have also talked with many who believe it is time to let the anger and daily reminders subside and let this community and families of all involved in this terrible event start the healing process.

  • AMEN Tony! Im sure more people than just you have the same views regarding this issue. But are scared to voice or post them for fear of the “cable mongers”. Again, very well written post Tony. Thank you from all of us hard working , tax paying, people of Eudora with common sense!