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The K-10 safety Committee ordered by Governor Brownback met again Tuesday evening to continue discussions on how to improve roadway safety on K-10.

While several people on the committee are still very interested in cable barriers, a newer proposal to make the highway a “safety corridor” was  recommended.  A safety corridor is a signed stretch of highway that will allow for increased enforcement efforts and larger fines, normally double, along the corridor.

State Senator Tom Holland attended a the meeting and stated he would work on a bill to be introduced at the start of the legislative season in January.

“It’s going to take other measures,” Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson said. “Whether that’s enforcement, signage or higher fines.”

This is the first recommendation the committee has stated it will make when it presents it’s final report to KDOT and the Governor later this year.

Johnson County Commission officials while agreeing with the safety corridor, also continued their push to install cable barriers.  At the last meeting, Johnson County Commissioner Jim Allen announced that Johnson County would pay for 20% of a project to install cable barriers near the K-10 and K-7 intersection.

“From the Johnson County perspective, we are adamant that KDOT needs to do something,” Allen said.

KDOT District Engineer Clay Adams also informed the committee that a resurfacing project of K-10 in Douglas County will start sometime during the first two weeks of September. The project will include  resurfacing the driving lanes of the Douglas County section and widening the inside shoulder and adding rumble strips to that shoulder.  The roadwork will be done mostly at night and on weekends to facilitate traffic movement during the peak driving times on the highway.  The project is slated to be completed in November.

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11 Responses to K-10 Committee looks at safety corridor

  • First of all let me say that I am all for making K10 highway as safe as possible for all modes of transportation using this highway, whether daily or occasionally. No more accidents or deaths from any cause would make this the perfect highway to travel. But sometime earlier in life I discovered that fairy tales only existed in books and movie screens but not real life. From what I have read on and the Lawrence Journal World online, the state now offers to make this a “safety corridor” as a solution. This calls for “increased enforcement efforts”. Wasn’t this tried shortly after this accident, which took the lives of 2 of Eudora’s citizens, and lasted just a few days? From what I understand, law enforcement officials don’t want any part of this highway as it is dangerous to even pull someone over on it. “Higher fines”, possibly double, would require law enforcement officials to risk their lives by working this stretch of highway. Increased “Signage”? Has the illegal signage displayed along the highway by “Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson” stopped any unsafe driving or speeding traffic? I would think not. It just added another distraction for drivers in my opinion. Who is to pay for all of this added enforcement? Will there be a special “highway safety corridor” quota put in place? Will it be local, county, or state enforcement. As per the LJW, “Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson” plans to “ask” our city officers to patrol for speeders on K10 more frequently. Is this their job, keeping Johnson County drivers slowed down as they pass through a short stretch of Eudora? Are we not generating enough income with the speed traps at both school locations? They need to be patrolling our streets to keep skateboarder from damaging public property and local citizens in our downtown area, as per some of the latest ordinances passed by the city council. Make up your mind what you want, Scott. Maybe the police department should be left to be run by the police chief? Johnson Co. is reasonably pursuing a 2 mile stretch of cable barriers at K10 and K7 intersection. They have offered actual incentives to KDOT to get this accomplished. What incentives have been offered for cable barriers on the stretch of roadway in Eudora? I am not too sure that a “few hundred” signatures is what KDOT is interested in. I have been paying attention to this issue since it was started on Facebook shortly after the accident. New shoulders on the roadway will definitely be an improvement. As for these meetings, I see a total waste of time of all involved and total waste of taxpayer money. If I needed to hold a committee meeting in the Eudora Rec Center, I would be required to pay rent on the room involved, so who is paying for the space provided on these occasions? Maybe it’s just another “special perk” for “Eudora mayor Scott Hopson”.

  • Oh look everyone…we’re having meetings so we are getting something accomplished….NOT! These meetings are a complete waste of taxpayers time and money, that could be better spent putting up cables. So they want to make K-10 a safety corridor…BFD! What is that going to do to stop the crossover accidents? Are we going to have patrols set up on every mile of the highway? Is doubling fines going to stop crossover accidents? It seems to me, they want to turn this into a money generating project rather than fix the problem and save lives. Shame on you all!

  • The Eudora Rec Center last time I checked charges $35 a half hour to rent? If this is true and it is a “special perk”, we should all get our time in there. It was built with taxpayers money. I was told Nottingham was coming down when I asked to put the clothing closet there, and when I asked to put it in the old middle school that is coming down too. What about West, what do they do with this building? I am staying way out of the cable issue. I am tiffed about available bldg space to utilize for things the city could use. This is my issue. I am sick, sick, sick, of hearing we will be building a fancy new bldg for this, or that. I was raised to utilize what you have and in these lean times I think we should be! Just my opinion, or just saying like the younger set say.

  • 3 foot deep median , full of Pea Gravel like NASCAR and Formula One tracks use. This would just suck up anything that gets into it. Just an ideer.
    Nottingham School. WOW get a D-9 Cat and take it down, sell the property for RETAIL SALES and kick the school district out to the county.Our school district is a HUGE MONEY Eating machine full of nothing but WASTE.
    Our school district is full of non business minded, money grows on trees ,keep up with JO CO mindset , have no clue lemmings that cost Eudora millions every year for Not A Damn Thing.
    I say consolidate our district with Disney Land and lets bring in visitors and charge admission.

    Let the slapping begin !!!!!

  • I agree with you businessman! A solution that is cost effective. They could use the pea gravel this is all alongside Nottingham from playground areas, to save even more money. But wait, they put the Historical Society in Nottingham so they cannot close it now! It may be 20 more years, like it took to tear down Old Middle School (or whatever you call the bldg. that is even more of an eye soar on Main)! Bottomline: They need to get rid of wasted space! Dont build anymore new shiny buildings and starting saving and cutting back to keep up what they already have. It is about education, not shiny new buildings!

  • To start: Tony is for K10 safety but against cable barriers.
    As I have been told that I have too much time on my hands right now and that I a am very opinionated individual, let me ask a few questions of the readers of and it’s administration. Do our city leaders, a term I use here loosely to refer to the city council and the school board, read this media? Why do they not respond here to the citizens comments and their concerns, of which there seems to be many? Is it that they feel they do not need to explain their actions to the citizens they represent?
    Now back to this issue. K10 safety is not a “for the betterment of Eudora” issue at all. It was started as a Facebook forum by 4 ladies who were angry that an accident took the life of a child that they were close to. As 3 of these ladies, his wife and step daughters, were very close to “Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson”, it was then up to him to champion “their” cause. Had he not “used” his status as Mayor, would we be in this discussion now? These ladies are also welcome to reply for him here as they did on the last forum in which they defended the views which they stated he had. This is and always has been an issue brought on by the private sector, not the city council, but is still being fed by this committee for what reason. KDOT has already stated that cable barriers were not warranted on this highway. If Johnson county wants them on part of their stretch of highway, let them pay for them, not just part of them. If Eudora wants them, then let them pay for them. I don’t think the city council is that stupid as to try to get that past the people of this fine city. The “safety corridor” status for this roadway is only as good as the enforcement involved. This lets the state put up a few signs and say that they accommodated the concerned citizens of Douglas and Johnson counties. These meetings are accomplishing very few real results, in my opinion. If this is what it takes to keep someone in good graces in his own home, then I just hope that none of my tax moneys are being spent to accomplish this task. I am thinking of placing a few signs on the right of way of K10 highway to champion a few of my pet causes. Can I use the rec center for free for my causes? Do you think I could get away with either of these? We all know the answer to that.
    So then why should “Eudora mayor Scott Hopson” and this private cause receive special privileges?

  • I love to see people finally expressing their opinions. I have lived in Eudora 19 years and thought everyone was too scared to speak? I am so happy we have a forum to do so (thanks John, and whoever helps you). As I said before I will stay away from cable issues. I do wonder as Does Tony does anyone (the powers that be) read these? And if so, why do they not respond. I too, hope my tax dollars are being spent wisely, especially since they went up 4.5%! I think we all should have a voice in what goes on somehow. Eudora has always been about clicks, tired of that! I am also tired of curbing my tongue. I could go on for days on what makes me mad about this town. I am trying to work on things that make me happy, and causes to help others. I would like to see our community more supportive. Let’s not turn into Johnson County! I can think of some ways to spend our tax dollars.

    • While we appreciate and encourage the comments on this site, this is not the best way to communicate to any governing body. The best way to make your positions known, is to attend a meeting and make a statement during the public comment section. The Eudora School District requires prior approval to speak at a School Board meeting, but the Eudora City Council and Planning Commission do not. Each and every meeting has an agenda item set aside for the public to make comments. We ran an editorial back in March on this very topic:

      With rare exceptions, the only people sitting in the audience section of meetings are people that are there to discuss a non public comment issue and myself. At Planning commission meetings, rarely is anyone there to observe. Citizens need to voice their concerns and complaints in person in front of the body. That is what creates change.

  • Whats the use attending any meeting? All politicians are the same. Low down, lying, stealing, cheating people. Basicly the Eudora coucil and school board fits right into this!

  • Tony brings up some good points, thank you Tony, we appreciate it.
    Thank you to John as well. YES people need to go to the meetings and let there voices be heard. I for one am pretty much banned from School Board meetings due to my strong opinions on the HUGE waste going on.
    Hey John, any luck finding out about the amount given out and what useage from the $21,000.00 grant money for Downtown Businesses, anyone get any of it ? Just wondering, i know several people i know tried to get in on it for signage and advertising and so on, but most got told NO .
    Don`t think anyone who owns a building downtown cares to fix them up right now, but i know a couple businesses that wanted to put up new signs and advertise downtown businesses and got no help.
    Thank you.
    Owh, i have to end with this. The school district is wasteful and has no business smarts, in my book.
    Let the slapping begin !!!!

  • John, this issue is not a city council, planning commission, or school board issue. Forums such as this,, Facebook, etc. are the only source of fuel that this cause has. The original emotions of the “we want cable barriers now” group has long since faded immensely. My comments have been mostly about the “special” allowances of this cause due to the words “Eudora mayor”. Has K10 corridor become dangerous in just the last year? Why wasn’t this action taken by these concerned citizens after earlier accidents and deaths so that this tragedy could have possibly been prevented. I commend these ladies for seeking what they feel would be a solution to this problem, but this is not a “Eudora Mayor” issue and I have no problem with private citizen Scott Hopson working with them. Using the words “Eudora mayor” may give this cause more power and make for better, more powerful stories, but it also leads readers to believe that this is an issue backed strongly by the citizens of Eudora. If this is so, then why did this cause have thousands of supporters on Facebook but now have only a few hundred signatures on their petition? If I posted political signage along the right of way of K10, would I receive a ticket for littering or at least be ordered to remove it? Drivers on K10 will receive new shoulders in Douglas County now and this is a welcome improvement to many. I would really be interested in knowing how many of these committee members would be here, or even want to be here now, if Governor Brownback had received a letter from Scott Hopson, Eudora citizen, and not “Eudora mayor Scott Hopson”. Thank you, John, for supplying this forum to not only allow their cause to be heard by many, but also for the ones that do not believe in some of the tactics used by the ladies and their front man in attempting to achieve their goals.