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Johnson County officials are proposing a pilot program to place cable safety barriers on a two mile stretch of K-10 near K-7 and a one mile stretch near Eudora.  The idea was presented to the committee ordered by Gov. Sam Brownback to study how to improve safety along the K-10 corridor. The group met once again in Eudora on Thursday evening.

Johnson County Commissioner Jim Allen, said he and his fellow commissioners wanted to see improvements on the highway.

Allen referred to an accident that occurred during morning rush hour on July 7 near the intersection of K-7 and K-10 where two women from Johnson County were injured in a crossover accident.

“Our residents are concerned about this, (referring to roadway safety) and want us to address this and come up with some kind of solution” Allen said.

Allen stated that Johnson County is prepared to offer to pay for 20 percent of the cost for the two mile stretch of cables in Johnson County. The other 80 percent would need to come from other funding that has yet to be identified.

Dean Sicking, a civil engineering professor from the University of  Nebraska who has studied roadway safety was also on hand for the meeting.  Sicking talked about his past studies and the use of cable barriers.

“If you put cable barrier up where it’s not really warranted, your going to wind up injuring and killing more people than you would of with out,” Sicking said.  “It has to be based in reality and based on engineering principles so when we go out to spend money on making highways safer, it is safer.”

The committee will meet again in August to continue the discussion.


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2 Responses to Johnson County wants cables on K-10

  • Wait a minute, John. This article starts out “Johnson County officials”. Has real leadership, and not anger and emotion, taken over this issue? Will this proposal be enough to let the victims of this tragedy finally rest? Would a fine imposed for the 48 pieces of litter, if they had been thrown out of a car window in front of a police officer they would have been considered that, beside the highway help pay for the mile of barriers in Douglas County? Will the improvements already promised, better shoulders in Douglas County, still be completed by the first of the year? You are doing a very fine, unbiased job, John. Keep up the good work.

  • AMEN Tony. You said it, “not anger and emotion” Thats been the whole problem since this thing started! Everybody wanted to point a fingure and wanted government agency’s to feel sorry for them.