Wakefield-JenkinsDemocrat Margie Wakefield (left) and Rep. Lynn Jenkins (right) are the major party opponents in the race for the 2nd District U.S. of Representatives seat. 

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U.S. Representative Lynn Jenkins (R-Topeka) has challenged opponent Margie Wakefield (D-Lawrence) to a series of debates leading up to the election for the Kansas 2nd District Congressional seat.

In an open letter to the Wakefield campaign, Jenkins offered debates in Shawnee County hosted by KTWU-TV, in Eudora hosted by Eudorareporter.com and a third debate to be held in Independence with a mutually acceptable venue and sponsor.

The letter, which highlights Jenkins’ campaign platform extensively, states that she wants to use the debate series to talk about where Wakefield stands on a variety of issues.

“I am particularly interested in learning about how your support for job-killing policies like cap-and-trade, your time as a delegate for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, and your whole-hearted defense of Obamacare which has raised premiums on thousands of Kansans and, as we learned last month, will hurt our students by cutting the number of hours they can work on campus — will benefit the good people of eastern Kansas.”

Wakefield campaign manager Mark Sump told the Topeka-Capital Journal that debates are a necessary component to the race, but three would not be enough.

“This election needs to be a grown-up conversation about real issues facing this district’s residents, not the deception, misinformation and personal attacks that the Jenkins campaign has been resorting to from the moment she filed for this office,” Sump said.

In the interview Sump added that Jenkins was mistaken about Wakefield’s views on national energy policy and the Affordable Care Act.

Jenkins is vying for a fourth term in the House of Representatives.  Prior to running for the U.S. House, Jenkins served as State Treasurer for six years and started her political career as a Kansas House Representative.  Wakefield has never been elected to public office.  Wakefield spent time working for Sen. Bob Dole’s office in Topeka as a constituent services aide.  She has maintained a law office in Lawrence, focusing on family law, for nearly 30 years.

Chris Clemmons

Chris Clemmons (L-Shawnee) photo courtesy Clemmons campaign website

The race also features a third party candidate, Libertarian Chris Clemmons (Shawnee). Clemmons is a teacher in the Kansas City, Kansas School District. He grew up in Leavenworth, KS and graduated from Lansing High School in 2006.

Clemmons states on his campaign website that the divide in Congress and that money being a motivating factor behind decisions being made was what generated his interest in politics.

“Our constitutional rights are secretly being stripped away, our environment is in ever increasing jeopardy, and our farmers are being run over by big corporations.  With all that’s happening in the world, I’m ready to take a stand and represent my state so that we can build a better future for the coming generations of Americans,” the page goes on to say.

The date and location of Meet The Candidates 2014, our election debate forum, will be determined and released soon. Eudorareporter.com is proud to be selected as one of the media outlets to host a debate between the candidates.

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