Java to Go has now become Joe’z

(photo courtesy our loyal reader Sydney)

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Eudora once again will be able to get coffee from the comfort of their vehicle.

Joe’z will open up in the drive through business located in the parking lot of Gene’s Heartland Foods at 14th and Church Street.  The space was opened up in 2011 as Java To Go and closed in April 2012.

John Rooney, owner of Joe’z is looking forward to opening up sometime in the next week.

“We’ve got everything ready to go, we are just waiting on getting our credit card machines up and running and then we will be open.”

Rooney says that the shop will be open seven days a week from 5:00 AM to 3:00PM.

Offerings of the shop will be similar to what Java to Go offered.

“While I’m not exactly sure of the exact brands that they offered previously, we will have mocha’s, latte’s, tea, smoothie’s and of course, coffee.

One previous offering of Java to Go that will be on hold for a while is shaved ice.

“We do plan on doing that next summer, but right now, we are concentrating on getting the coffee side going,” Rooney said.

Rooney, who also owns the Jamaican Tan located at 15th and Wakarusa in Lawrence, is already thinking about a third business.

“I’m hoping to go on to a third business in a month or two,” Rooney said. “Presuming everything works out with the coffee shop, I plan to start looking for my next venture.”

Rooney would not identify if it would be in Eudora, Lawrence or another city.

“Once I get to looking, I see what I can find that’s available and go from there.”

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