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For those trying to head in or out of Eudora from the north, you will have a nice little detour through Wednesday.

On Tuesday, railroad officials began repairing the road that crosses the tracks and fix a repair done last year that had failed.

According to Eudora Police Chief Grady Walker, railroad officials stated that the repairs would be completed by Wednesday afternoon and the road would once again reopen to traffic.

In the mean time, if you need to head north or are returning to town from the Eudora turnpike interchange, your closest (and we definitely won’t say easiest) option is take N1500th Road west to E 2000 Road and pick up Douglas Country Road 442 (Old K-10) and head back towards town. The roads in both directions are marked with detour signs.




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One Response to I’ve been working on the railroad….crossing

  • NOW I KNOW what that “Detour” sign is about on 442 & E2000 road and where all those cars kicking up all that dust were coming from! lol Thanks EudoraReporter for keeping us informed!