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Here’s one of those things you don’t come across everyday.

I received a note recently saying that Eudora School Superintendent Don Grosdidier, Eudora Middle School Principal Denise Kendall and three lucky teachers were all going to have to kiss a pig at a Middle School assembly.  I said to myself  “Oh, I gotta see this…” I was not disappointed.

Superintendent Don Grosdidier shows his love to the small furry pig

Superintendent Grosdidier, Principal Kendall, 6th Grade Instructor Dana Neis, Math Instructor Roberta Lafontaine and Reading Instructor Gloryanna Boge had the time of their lives by getting to smack lips with a 15 lb pig.

Now, before anyone thinks there is some bizarre things going on at the Middle School, the was a very good reason for the swine loving.

Students from the Eudora Middle School student body were challenged to bring in food and other necessary household items to be donated to the Eudora Food Pantry run by the Eudora Ministerial Alliance.   If the students reached a certain threshold then the School officials and teachers had to show their love to the cute little hog.

School Council President Maggie Durkin, an 8th Grader at the Middle School, was proud of her school mates efforts.

“We collected 1,673 items for the Food Pantry,” Durkin said. “Everyone did a fantastic job.”

While we’ve heard of teachers and principals having to shave their heads or doing some stunt if students reach a certain goal, we wondered how students came up with the idea of having to kiss a pig.

“Well, last year the High school did something similar and they made Coach kiss a pig, so we thought that we could make this a little better.”


 6th Grade Instructor Dana Neis made sure her lipstick was well applied prior to giving porky some affection

The 6th Grade got the most items donated by bringing in 754 items with the 8th Grade close behind.

Students were told that for each item they brought in, it would count as a vote for a particular teacher. We did hear reports of some vote fixing and possibly a hanging chad or two in the final tallies, but we could not prove any vote manipulation by fellow teachers.

6th Grade teacher Randy Foos, who was the emcee for the assembly, drove home the point of why the students worked hard in this food drive.

“There’s a lot of families all over Eudora that will be fed over the holidays due to your help.”

An interesting side note to this whole story, is that prior to the assembly, as things were being readied outside the school, the cute cuddly little pig, decided that he wasn’t too interested in all the attention he was about to receive inside.

Porky decided that he had had enough of his enclosure and figured out a way to escape from his Pet Taxi.  As I drove up to the assembly, there were several people outside attempting to catch him as he scampered all around the parking lot and the area just south of the School.

And the chase is on…and that small little pig was fast!

A massive chase ensued, but as soon as someone got close, Porky took off like he was a running back for the Cardinal football team and eluded multiple adults who were most definitely not pig chasers.  Yours truly even got involved in trying to snare him.  Sadly, I proved that my best days of running after something/someone/anything are well behind me.

One unidentified neighbor who saw and eventually participated in the 15 minute chase, which not only included the school grounds, but the nearby Shadow Ridge neighborhood as well, stated that he had lived there for 10 years and never seen a pig chase before.

Thankfully, I can now cross pig chasing off my bucket list as well.

 Porky finally was captured by the unidentified parent and brought under control.   No harm was done to the pig in the taking of this picture.  The reporter on the other hand, was quite out of breath and had a hurt ego after trying to help capture him with no success.

The  pig was finally cornered and corralled so that he could be escorted inside for the festivities.

We checked and, I’m sure much to the happiness of Superintendent Grosdidier, the pig had no lipstick on.

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