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The City of Eudora has added a new feature to their website that will help dog owners when their pet goes missing.  The city will post pictures of dogs that are placed in the City Dog Pound so that owners can quickly identify if their pet has been picked up by the doggie enforcement crew.  The website also lists the steps necessary to bail Fido out in case he gets locked up.

According to the website, dogs found running at large within the city limits will be placed in the pound for a maximum of four days.  After that, dogs will then be taken to the Lawrence Humane Society.  Bail is not cheap either.

First, if your dog is not already licensed with the city, you will have to take care of that.  The licensing cost for male dogs and spayed female dogs is $10. Non spayed female dogs are charged $15.  You will also have to provide proof of a current rabies certificate and spayed certificate (if appropriate).  If this is the first time your dog had been pinched by the doggie cops, add on a $50 impoundment fee. Each additional offense will add on $10 to the total.  You also are charged boarding fees of $6 per day.  Then, The Eudora Police Department could issue a citation for “Dog at Large”.  The cost of that citation is $20, but the “court costs” of approximately $93.50 make it just over $113.

Police Chief Bill Edwards did say that not all dog owners whose pet gets impounded will receive the citation.

“I cannot say that every pick-up results in a citation, but I will say we try to treat everyone fairly,” Edwards said.  “The citation is an option, but each situation is reviewed to try and achieve the best outcome.”

Debbie Eaton of the Eudora Public Works Department is in charge of the City Pound and told us that the website will be updated as dogs are picked up during normal business hours. Dogs picked up after normal business hours or over the course of the weekend will be posted as soon as possible the next business day.  She also added that the phone is answered only during normal business hours as well.   Business hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

Currently, there is not a direct link to the Dog Pound web page on the city’s website. You can find the page via this LINK.

(Editor’s Note: I guess I better get ace spotter Sydney a Press Pass to keep her out of doggie jail)


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