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One of the stories that has been circulating around town for a couple of weeks now has been about Eudora City Administrator John Harrenstein.

Harrenstein interviewed for and has been offered the City Administrator’s job in North Mankato, MN.  The city is located in the south central portion of Minnesota and is approximately 90 minutes away from Harrenstein’s hometown of Clear Lake, IA.  Harrenstein, during the interview process, talked about how the fact of being close to his family is attractive.

Before someone starts planning a bon voyage party though, the deal is not done yet.  Currently, Harrenstein and the city of North Mankato are still talking.

“We are currently in negotiations and the decision will depend on those negotiations,” Harrenstein told us.

While the sides are negotiating a possible deal, the city of Eudora is somewhat in limbo about its future.

“I have not received anything official about a resignation,” Councilwoman/Commissioner Ruth Hughs stated.  The Council/Commission has not met in session since December 10 which was prior to the time of the interview process Harrenstein was involved in.  The December 24th regularly scheduled meeting for the Council/Commission was cancelled due to the Christmas holiday.

While there is no official resignation with the city of Eudora and no timetable has been laid out by Harrenstein, officials in North Mankato stated at the time of the initial offer that they hoped to have Harrenstein in place by March 1.

“If John accepts the North Mankato position, I would expect the transition to go well for both him and the City of Eudora,” Hughs told us.

“John has served us will and if he chooses to go, he will certainly be missed,” Hughs added.

City officials in North Mankato are scheduled to meet early next week according to Harrenstein about the latest negotiations.

More to follow……

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One Response to Is the City Administrator on his way out?

  • I see no problem with John leaving Eudora, wouldn`t hurt anything. After all , this is not JOCO .
    It might open a door to get someone who knows Eudora and what is needed , and not out of our budget.
    The cost we have now will last us 20 years, so we can think of him every time we see our tax bill.
    I hear Mankato MN is a great place to live.
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    Phones answered 24 – 7