Burger_1Eudora Police Chief Bill Edwards praises Interim Police Chief David Burger for his service during the transition of Chiefs.

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Former Interim Police Chief David Burger is currently being highlighted on the TV program “On the Case with Paula Zahn”.  The program airs on the Investigation Discovery (ID) Television network.

Burger talks about a murder case that he investigated in October 1979 as a member of the Shawnee, KS Police Department.

“19-year-old Tracy Fresquez was found murdered at the Arrowhead Apartments by her live-in boyfriend,” Burger told us. “At the time, we thoroughly investigated the homicide and identified a person of interest for the murder, but we could never quite get over the hump with it and couldn’t charge him.”

Shawnee Police investigated the crime over the years, but could never bring someone to justice.

“Finally, an individual came forward who stated that he got religion and confessed to being a part of the crime,” Burger added.

Burger sat down for approximately two hours with Zahn, a former co-host of the CBS Morning Program.

“They flew me into New York, drove me to the interview and then flew me out later that day,” Burger said.  “It was a long day with flight delays due to weather.”

Portions of the interview with Burger and others including the brother of the victim are shown during the one hour program.  The program premiered Sunday evening and will likely re-air several times over the course of the next few weeks.  The episode entitled “The Ultimate Sin” will next air at 9:00 AM Central time on Saturday, March 23. The ID Network is locally seen on Knology Cable channel 101, Dish Network channel 192, and Direct TV channel 285.

Burger-2Burger accepts his plaque from Chief Edwards

Burger served as Interim Police Chief in Eudora from September, 2012 until January 1 of this year.  Burger was recently honored by the Eudora City Commission and current Police Chief Bill Edwards at a ceremony at City Hall for his time as Interim Chief in Eudora.

Burger had high regards for the city staff and all the police officers in the Eudora Police Department.  He spoke about their dedication and hard work in the light of a shortage of staff.

“I love you guys,” Burger said as he wrapped up his speech to the City Council.

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