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The Eudora High Athletic Department has asked to pass along some information for those going to the 4A State Championship game on Saturday.  We put in bold the important things attendees might want to know and maybe threw in a joke or two along the way (all clearly marked as editorial comment).

Pre-sale tickets will not be available for the game.  All tickets must be purchased at the box office on site.  Tickets will go on sale starting at 10:30 AM. The gates will open up at 11:00 AM.

Any banners or signs to be displayed must meet the approval of the Event Manager.  The person who put any banners up, is responsible for removing all signs following the game.

Confetti, whistles, air horns or other noisemakers will not be allowed!  In addition, Sunflower seeds and peanut shells will not be permitted in the facility.  Smoking will not be permitted at the Salina Stadium Complex on USD #305 grounds, including stadium and parking areas.

Spectators must stay off the field and running track prior to, during half-time, and after the championship.  Running of big flags will also not be permitted.

(Editorial Note: Who wrote all these rules – city officials???….okay back to the do’s and don’ts)

Prior to gates opening a tailgating area will be available in the southeast end of the parking lot of Salina Stadium. However, interior restrooms will not be available. A port-a-potty will be within walking distance of the tailgate area.

(Editorial Note: What about dogs and their needs to #1 and #2….is it like Eudora where you have to clean up after your dogs???)

Open hot coals need to be disposed of safely and appropriately. Coals will not be permitted in the dumpster.

(Editorial comment:  gee….why?…please note the sarcasm there.)

Stadium officials are encouraging the use of the dumpster for other tailgate trash.

Editorial comment:  In all seriousness, we hope that all the fans attending the game respect the facility, the fans in attendance and promote a positive attitude to all those in attendance from not only Eudora but Salina and Rose Hill. Please act appropriately.

We have also received word that there will be at least one big tailgate party.  According to Deborah Becker, she, along with several other boosters,  are transporting, tables and canopies.  They state the food will be ready by 10:30 am which will include hamburgers and hot dogs.  She also does request that everyone stopping by, please bring a side dish or dessert.  The group will be taking donations to cover the expense of the burgers and hot dogs.

For those wanting directions, we have uploaded a copy of the instructions given to us from the athletic department. If you click HERE you can open up the PDF.

We will continue to keep you posted about any information surrounding the game. Check back throughout the week here at






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3 Responses to Information about Saturday Championship game in Salina

  • The rules are made so kids have no fun.
    I have to say the rules do suck !! No Large Flags , wow those are bad items to allow.
    I guess fun is being a lemming nowadays.
    I have one rule to add.

  • Good grief!!!! DO avoid the bio hazzards of confetti, Sunflower seeds, and peanut shells. Keep the cheering down to a very low decible level so no birds or other outdoor animals are harmed. Use the bathroom before your go, and every body have a good time. The above, is ALL editorial comment!

  • I really wish people would sit back and think before their emotions take over and they feel like posting. High School athletics is about good sportmanship and everything that goes along with it. As far as the above comment about biohazards. There is a simple reason for no sunflower seeds or peanuts in shells. The shells get onto the playing surface which is turf. Those shells can not be vacuumed up as the vacuum process would also suck up the rubber pellet base of the turf. We have these same rules for the Eudora District Stadium. As far as no noise makers, it the KSHSAA rules. I was embarrassed when I heard airhorns coming from the Eudora side last week against Paola. I thought we had better fans than that. Everyone going to the game, drive safe, have fun and cheer on the Cards.