720-722_Main Street
720-722 Main Street in Downtown Eudora (photo by Eudorareporter.com Managing Editor John Schulz)

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The Eudora Area Historical Society is looking for volunteers to help clean up what will become the new home of the Historical Society.  Previous owner Pam Staab has donated the buildings at 720 and 722 Main Street downtown to the Historical Society.  The buildings have accumulated many years worth of items that need to be discarded before interior work can begin.

“I plan to start cleaning at the buildings at 9:00 AM on Saturday and keep working until 6:00 PM or 7:00 PM that night,” Society Director Ben Terwilliger said in an email. “If (volunteers) could come and help, for as much or as little as is convenient that would be great. We’ll take any help we can get.”

The buildings for a long time served as the Trefz Plumbing and Heating and has been vacant for several years.

“We have work gloves, dust masks and water for everyone. But we are in need of some tools. If anyone could bring tools to help us dismantle some of the larger items in the buildings we are throwing away (i.e. chairs, tables, etc.) that would be appreciated. I’m thinking we will need some electric saws, sledgehammers, etc.,” Terwilliger said.

Once the buildings are emptied, interior work can begin.  City Commissioner Bill Whitten, who is a contractor by trade, had donated his services as Construction Manager to the project for the Historical Society.  The biggest hurdle will be to secure funding for the project. To date, The Historical Society has raised nearly $60,000 for the project, mostly through grant programs. The cost of the remodeling project, which will will be the permanent of the groups museum and offices, is estimated to be $200,000.  The Society will be actively seeking funding via donations and other grant possibilities to move the project forward.



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