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Occasionally, you come upon someone with a good heart and a willingness to help out.  Christine Zimmer is one of those people.  Zimmer operates His Hands Clothing Closet and gives out clothing to those in need for free.

Christine started His Hands Clothing Closet in 2009 as a way to give to those who cannot afford clothes for their kids or themselves.

“I started this because I truly care about our community.  I believe we can all do our part to help one another, this is my way of saying thanks,” Zimmer said. “I just want to pay it forward.”

Zimmer makes no money off the operation and depends on donations to keep the project running. It is all based in her faith in God and willingness to serve her fellow citizens. Zimmer runs the charity out of her house on Birch Street and is trying hard to give back to people in and near Eudora.

“Charity begins in your hometown,” Zimmer stated. “I wanted there to be a place where folks could come get free clothing, shoes, winter coats, clothing close by.  With gas and food prices increasing and a lot of folks being with jobs or either living on one income, its nice to know there is something in your area to help make ends meet.”

Zimmer allows people, by appointment, to come in to her room she has specifically set up for distributing clothing and simply look through the racks of clothes she has on hand and choose whatever they desire.  She has dressing rooms set up so people can try things on

“I don’t put limits on the amount of clothes people can take” Zimmer noted. “I trust that there is a certain amount of honesty in everyone and people will take what they need.”

Zimmer relies on donations from people to support the charity.

“At this time I can still use  newborn boy and girls, men’s shoes all sizes, little boy shoes, men’s jeans from size 32 up. Also I could use anything boy from size 5T-up, maternity (summer), plus sizes (summer).  Some items are harder to get then others.  Just ask me if I need it.  I never resell and only help folks out with it.”

If running a charity with the help of her husband was not time consuming enough, caring for her family consumes the rest of her day.

“In my spare time I take care of my family.  I am trying to be a great role model to my children, especially my son who has autism (HFA) and my grandchildren.”

Zimmer is always interested in donations and volunteers. You can reach His Hands Clothing Closet at 785-542-3528.  You can also find the charity on Facebook.  Just search for:  His Hands Clothing Closet Ltd.

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