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His Hands Clothing Closet is moving but not very far.  For approximately the last year, the thrift store has been operating at 727 Main Street in downtown Eudora. Christine and Paul Zimmer, owners of the business that grew out of a charity, are moving to 736B Main Street. This is the side entrance of the building at the corner of 8th and Main. Currently, the front half of the building houses the Quilting Bits and Pieces store while the other half has been vacant for nearly a year.

“This move will allow us to provide more space and a better location for His Hands,” Christine Zimmer told us. “With our space growing from 400 square feet to 1400, we will be better able to serve our customers and offer more items.”

The Zimmer’s have operated the charity based business for the last 4 years, first out of their home, then on the west side of Main Street for the last year.  The non-profit was established to help those who were victims of fires and those in need.  When the move to Main street occurred, His Hands Clothing Closet went with a thrift shop model to help defray the expenses of the building.

“I see it as working together to provide an outlet to help families stay on target with their budgets in a world that is economically unsteady for most, those are the ones we will continue to have faith in,” Zimmer said.

The move will also help end some confusion between dueling thrift type stores next to one another.  His Hands opened up in August of last year and the Eudora Thrift store, a for-profit business not affiliated with Zimmer’s His Hands Clothing Closet, around October right next door to His Hands. Many customers of both shops were under the the belief that both were operating together.

Zimmer expects to have her new location open Wednesday afternoon according to her Facebook page and hopes to maintain regular business hours following that.

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2 Responses to His Hands Clothing Closet going in across the street

  • As a co-owner of Eudora Thrift i feel i need to respond to a comment made in your article. Eudora Thrift opened in December of 2012. We have always referred our wonderful customers to His Hands. We do not claim or mislead our customers in anyway that we are a non profit business but we chose to open our thrift/boutique store in Eudora to help the community with clean, gently used merchandise with reasonable prices. We have been questioned about His Hands being a non-profit business, as always we refer our customers to His Hands about these comments. I am offended by your comment as a “dueling” thrift store. We love our customers and have no “duel” with His Hands. His Hands choose to move. Please put your childish phobias aside. We are here for the community and have totally different stores. We have been told you would like to do a story on Eudora Thrift but you have never took the time to do so and see what our business is doing for the community. Before making comments about being a “dueling” thrift store get your facts straight!

    • If you took the use of the word “dueling” as negative, I apologize. This was not meant as a derogatory term. It was simply referring to two stores of a similar nature next door to each other. There was no negativity to be even inferred or meant by use of the word. We were not trying to offend you and never meant it as such. – J. Schulz