Amanda HerrmannAmanda Herrmann speaks at the annual Chamber of Commerce Dinner in April 2013 (photo by Managing Editor John Schulz)

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Amanda Herrmann has resigned as President of the Eudora Chamber of Commerce. Herrmann’s resignation was effective as of Tuesday, Sept. 3.   Chamber President-elect Linda Langston, owner of Eudora Wine and Spirits, has been elevated to President.

Herrmann did not want to speak on the record at this time, but she did tell that her resignation was due to health related issues.

Kevin Wade, office manager for the Chamber of Commerce, said the board met together following Hermann’s resignation, per the Chamber by-laws, and made the decision to have Langston step into the role of President at this this time.

“Linda was scheduled to become President in early 2014 any way, so they asked her to step into the role a little early and move forward with the Chamber’s agenda for the fall and winter,” Wade said.

Wade said that the new leadership of the Chamber will be discussed with Chamber members no later than the monthly Chamber meeting which will take place on Sept. 19.  Wade added that Langston already had been playing an important part in Chamber matters and will be instrumental in overseeing many of the planned projects and activities including the Christmas Extravaganza the Chamber sponsors at the end of the year.

Wade said that Herrmann fully intends to continue to support the Chamber and be an active participant in Chamber activities in the future.

Herrmann served as President of the Chamber of Commerce since July, 2012 when she took over from Susie Pryor who resigned over personal differences with city administration.

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