2015_07_06_Storm_1The Statue of Eudora and Pascal Fish in CPA Park are covered in tree limbs following the storm that rolled through Eudora Monday night. (Photo by Eudorareporter.com Managing Editor John Schulz)

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Around 5:15 PM Monday night heavy storms rolled through the Eudora area.  Tornado warnings had been issued by the National Weather Service prior to the storms coming through. As of post time, there has been no confirmation that a tornado touched down or was radar indicated. Wind speeds were extremely high through town during the height of the storm.

Much of the damage was in the area of Downtown Eudora. CPA park saw significant tree damage as did streets on both the east and west side of downtown. Many limbs were down along Church Street and Elm Street between 7th and 10th.  No buildings seemed to be damaged in downtown.

Daniel Taylor, a resident at 8th and Church Street told us that he was paying attention to his weather radio when the warnings came across.

“It was real quick after the warnings went off,” Taylor said. “I was in the breezeway and one of the windows blew out in there and just barely missed me.”

Taylor said he and his wife Courtney took shelter in the home very quickly following that.

2015_07_06_Storm_2Looking east on 8th Street at Church Street. (Photo by Eudorareporter.com Managing Editor John Schulz)

“What I heard was crazy, it was like a high pitched whistle,” Taylor said. “One of the rockers on the front porch was blown across the street towards St. Paul United Church of Christ and smashed to pieces.”

Taylor indicated that there appeared to be some minor house damage besides the window. His front yard was littered with tree limbs and several trees that had been sheared off several feet off the ground.


A tree in Daniel Taylor’s front yard was sheared off and several limbs clipped by the storm (Photo by Eudorareporter.com Managing Editor John Schulz)

At this time, there are no reports of anyone being injured.  Power is out to a significant portion of the downtown area.  City crews are already in the area attempting to get power restored and debris off the roads.  City officials were unavailable to let us know how significant the power outage is or when power would be restored to those affected.



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One Response to Heavy storms roll through Eudora Monday evening

  • Cosmic Ale House was undamaged but there are tree limbs down all over the yard. One of the sides of the Bud sign near the street was pulled free and tossed across the street. Very scary for the employees and we are closed for the night.