Thanksgiving Day

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On behalf of all the staff of, we would like to extend our best wishes to all on this Thanksgiving Day.

A little over three years ago, we began this site with the intention of having a nice little site where we report on the major events and happenings around town.  Little did we know, how large and popular this site would grow.  In our wildest dreams, we never thought we would grow in popularity as we have.  While the numbers may not put us on the top listing of web sites in the world, reaching between 5% and 10% of the city’s population every day, is something we are extremely proud of.  We are extremely grateful to each one of you that read on a regular basis. We are here to serve you, the public, trying to keep you up to date on news and events happening in our fair city.

This is our annual column where we take time to thank many of the individuals that make this site possible.  Without any and all of these people, we could not do what we do here.  This is our opportunity to spend a moment and give tribute to those that, in one way or another, keep our city running:

Thanks to City Manager Mike Press, Mayor Ruth Hughs, Vice Mayor John Fiore and City Commission members Jolene Born, Kenny Massey and Tim Reazin.  A special thanks to the City staff that help us bring the news to you:  Police Chief Bill Edwards, Fire Chief Ken Keiter, Public Works Director Mike Hutto, City Clerk Pam Schmeck, Assistant to the City Manager Barack Matite and the entire staff of the City of Eudora.  We do want to thank some of those that served Eudora in 2013 and moved on.  That includes City Administrator John Harrenstein, Mayor Scott Hopson, Councilman Bill Whitten and Economic Development Director Collin Bielser.  A special thanks goes to all the police officers and volunteer firefighters that do the great work they do and risking life and limb to do it.

We would like to thank Eudora School District Superintendent Don Grosdidier, Board members Mark Chrislip, Dr. Daniel Dickerson, Joe Hurla, Mike Kelso, Joe Pyle, Belinda Rehmer, and Eric Votaw. We also wish to commend the staff, teachers and support personnel of USD 491 for their help in educating the young citizens of the city. Thanks also to Kristin Magette, Communications Director and several key district personnel who assist in making sure that we keep you up to date on all the happenings in and around the Eudora School District.

Another warm thank you goes to all the pastors of the area churches in town.  Rev Glenn H. Weld from Assembly of God, Rev. Lane Bailey of Clearfield United Methodist Church, Eudora Baptist Church minister Rev. Jeff Ingle, Rev. Lyle Seager of the Eudora United Methodist Church, Rev. Phillip Scott from Family of Faith Fellowship, Hesper Friends Church pastor Rev. Darin Kearns, Holy Family Catholic Church’s Fr. Pat Riley and St. Paul United Church of Christ pastor Rev. Rodney Nitz. Without the spiritual guidance all of these fine individuals bring to us, Eudora would not be the great city it is.

We would like to thank all the businesses of Eudora. Many of them could have better opportunities in bigger communities and they chose to locate here in Eudora. We would like to especially thank the fine sponsors of

Amanda’s Dance Academy, Black Cat Cafe, Byrne’s Pharmacy, Cutter’s Smokehouse, Edward Jones Investments, Eudora Family Care, Free State Gun and Tactical Weapons, Gene’s Heartland Foods, Heads or Nails Family Salon,  The Independent Order of Oddfellows, Kansas Public Radio, Kaw Valley State Bank, Lawrence Memorial Hospital, Mateo Chiropractic, Medicalodges Eudora, Miller Agency Insurance, Reece & Nichols Real Estate Agent Susie Brown, Rock Family Chiropractic, State Farm Agent Keith Knowland, Sydney the Wonder Dog and WilLaDrew Photography.

The sponsors is what keeps this site going.  Thanks to all of you. While we especially encourage you to support the businesses listed above, make sure to frequent all of Eudora’s local businesses and Shop Eudora First.  They all help make this community shine.   Make sure to remember this Saturday is “Small Business Saturday”. The day where you shop local and support the Mom and Pop businesses out there.

I would like to thank those who worked for in the last year.  That includes Ben Terwilliger, Steven Neis and all those involved from the Eudora Historical Society who help put together our This Week in Eudora History Feature.  Also, sports photographers Julie Stewart and Joe Pelzel who did wonderful work this season through a variety of weather conditions.  I also want to thank our newest staff member Diane Chrislip. Her help and great work has been indispensable.  All these people help me out greatly and I appreciate their hard work.

I also want to thank all of those that took the time to submit news items and information for stories of interest over the last year.  While not being able to list a litany of great people that took time to let us know about things going on and stories out there, your help has been invaluable and I could not do this without your wonderful assistance.

Finally, and most importantly, I would like to thank my wife, Madalyn for her kind support and help with making possible.  She is an editor when the tougher story comes along.  She helps in numerous ways, keeping me on track and she also puts up with me when I have a meeting or an interview to go do and it comes before many other things that should be taken care of first.  Thank you dear for your love and support.

Again, thanks to all the citizens of Eudora. Each and every one of you make Eudora such a special town to be a part of.

May God bless all of you on this day of giving thanks.

John Schulz
Managing Editor


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