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This year is one of those years when Eudora High School Football and Halloween collide on the same night.  This year, the Eudora High Cardinals will be playing their final regular season game in Baldwin City against the Baldwin City Bulldogs. Traditionally, Eudora has always had a good turnout for trick or treaters.

We ave already received questions from some football fans asking if trick or treating will be moved to a different night. There has been precedent for this in the past.  Approximately 10 years ago trick or treating was moved one night because Police and the City Council of the era were concerned about traffic in town due to a playoff game and the possibility of young children in the streets with all the cars. Eudora made national headlines for making the switch due to a high school football game.

This year, there will be no traffic in town due to a football game. Because it’s not an in city event, the City Commission has no real jurisdiction on moving Halloween trick or treating. There is not a safety issue involved. There are no official sponsors or governing organizations over trick or treating and Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horsemen are unavailable for comment on the topic.

So, we thought it would be interesting to find out what the citizens of Eudora and the readers of Eudorareporter.com think on the topic. We have put a poll question up on our website (in the left hand column): Do you think that Halloween should be moved because of the football game?

Let’s see what the citizens think about this. Our poll will be open until Sunday Oct. 13 and we will report on the results on Monday Oct. 14.

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