K-10_Grass_FirePhoto taken from Eastbound K-10 near East 1900 Road (photo courtesy Deana Alvarez)

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Update 9:10 PM:  It appears that there is a couple of very minor hots pots south of K-10. A couple of crews are putting those out and expect to have them cleared quickly and easily.

UPDATE 8:55 PM: Moments after we posted our story, reports started to roll in that the grass fire has restarted near the intersection of K-10 and North 1900 Road. Crews are heading back towards the area to work the rekindling of the fire.  We will update as information comes in.

Crews from multiple fire departments fought a large grass fire in eastern Douglas County between Lawrence and Eudora. The fire broke out around  7:00 PM.

Motorists on K-10 were stopped by the flames near the intersection of K-10 and 1900 Road.  According to Deana Alvarez who was returning to Eudora from Lawrence, she stated it looked rather large.

“I am quite sure it was at least a mile long north to the south, I had someone say to me that the train tracks were damaged, so that tells me it went further North also,” Alvarez said. “It went south as far as I could see.”

According to Alvarez it appeared that fire was on the west side of 1900 Road.  The two businesses located in that area are the Twin Oaks Golf Complex just to the south of K-10 and Davenport Orchard and Winery near North 1400 Road. Both business are on the east side of 1900 Road.

Alvarez stated that she was stuck in traffic for approximately 30 minutes while waiting for the roadway to be opened. She stated that cars were trying to find alternate routes causing traffic concerns as well.

“Cars tried to cut across to the North, but it was not any different. Cars were trying to go around which caused so much more problems,” Alvarez told us. “Police were trying to keep traffic in control as well.”

The fire was fueled by gusty winds which were estimated to be a steady 30 m.p.h. with gusts reaching into the 40-50 m.p.h. range.  According to the National Weather Service, winds will be gusty through the night. The NWS has issued a wind advisory in effect until 4:00 AM Monday morning.

Fire crews were able to extinguish the blaze around 8:30 PM. Most crews were cleared from the scene around that time, though a few remained near the railroad tracks north of K-10 to extinguish hot spots and clean up fire department equipment.

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