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Late Friday night, a 19-year-old male reported to be a victim of a hit and run accident in the vicinity of the Casey’s Store at 10th and Main Streets.  The initial reports were that the victim needed to be taken by helicopter to the hospital, but once police and EMS crews arrived on scene it was determined the victim’s injuries were not serious enough to be transported by air and was instead taken by ambulance to Lawrence Memorial Hospital.  Police issued alerts via media outlets and began a search for a silver Honda Civic that was reported to have run into the victim and left Eudora via 10th Street heading towards Lawrence.

Police later determined that the entire accident was made up.

“We had some inconsistent reports from the victim as to where the accident even occurred,” Eudora Police Chief Bill Edwards said. “Our officers fanned out doing patrols and foot searches for any signs of an accident scene in the areas we were told and nothing was found.”   Some officers involved in the investigation said they looked for signs of skid marks and broken car pieces for several blocks and found no evidence that an accident took place.

Edwards also stated that once the victim arrived at the hospital, Emergency Room doctors determined that the injuries the victim had were inconsistent with a car versus pedestrian accident.

“The victim has some minor rib bruises but that was all,” Edwards told us.  “The doctors told us that there was no way they could have been caused by an accident.”  It was unknown if the bruises were self-inflicted or caused from another type of incident such as a fall.

The victim was found to have a skateboard in his possession when crews arrived on scene to assist the victim.  According to police officials, the skateboard was broken in two but it appeared to have been done intentionally by someone stomping on top of the board.

Edwards said that police department investigators would be talking to the supposed victim and his family on Sunday.  There was no word if police would seek to file charges against the 19-year-old for submitting a false police report.

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