Pilot for a day Fundraiser


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Two recent graduates of Eudora High School are giving back to their community.   Nolan Smith, class of 2006, and Craig Harper, class of 2009,  have formed the band Pilot for a Day.  This music group is now based on the East Coast, but will be returning to the area to perform at the Eudora High Performing Arts Center for a benefit concert Tuesday, January 21, at 7:00 PM.

Pilot for a Day was formed in 2010 and describes themselves as a pop/rock band.  Their debut album “Better Air” is currently available on iTunesYou can visit the band’s website at: http://pfad.co/.

The day of the concert, the band members will be at EHS during lunch to promote their concert and we will play their CD during lunch over the sound system in the commons.  The group will also spend some time in the band/choir classrooms talking to the kids about the music world and working towards your goals.

“We want to portray the image that you can you can do anything you want,” Smith said. “Go out there and do it. Don’t let anything stop you.”

Smith is very interested in helping music programs across the country. In the current economic climate of school funding, music programs have had much of their budgets drastically cut or eliminated.

“If a kid wants to play a piano, he should have access to a piano,” Smith stated. “This is our chance to do something for the community.”


The suggested donation for the concert is $5.00 per person, and proceeds will be given back to the EHS music department. In addition, 30% of the group’s merchandise sales that night will be donated to the program as well.

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