The Birdman of Eudora, Jay Wilson, tends to his quail

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Jay Wilson just wanted to have a hobby in his retirement and decided to raise some quail.  The problem with that hobby, is that the city of Eudora has ordinances against having fowl in the city.

Wilson decided in 2010 that raising quail was something he really wanted to do.  He began researching how to raise the birds. He studied hard to learn all about their life cycle and how to care for them. Wilson excelled with his new found hobby. He started off with six birds and, at the high point, had over 150 birds.

The problem started back in late May when Wilson went to the city to obtain a permit so that he could build a small building on his property where a foundation was already in place.  This building was to be a more permanent location for his birds.

When city inspectors came out to look at the property for the building permit, they noticed the large amount of birds on the property in pens both outdoors and his garage. Wilson was then informed that he was not allowed to keep the birds inside the city limits.

“I just wanted to have something do,” Wilson said. “My kids are all grown and this gives me company and something I enjoy doing a lot.  I love these birds and taking care of them is all I want to do. My place is clean and I keep it well maintained. There’s not odors or noise from the quail. It’s not bothering nobody.”

Wilson went to the Eudora City Commission in an effort to try to keep his birds at his home. The City Council told him, that he could not keep his birds in the city limits.  They gave him a 30 day temporary permit so he could have time to move the birds to a location outside the city. Wilson closed his outdoor pens and reduced his operation in his garage while trying to find a suitable location for his companions.

“You have to find a good location for them and make sure they are protected from predators,” Wilson said. “I don’t want to harm anyone with my birds, I just want to be able to raise them.”

At a recent City Council meeting where Wilson pleaded to be allowed to continue to have his birds at his home, one of the questions from the City Council was if he was going to be selling his birds.

“I might sell a few here and there to someone who needs a couple to train their hunting dogs, but other than that, I don’t plan on selling them,” Wilson stated.  This is a hobby, not a business.”

In the mean time Wilson has tried to find a location outside the city limits.  He recently procured a place and moved many of his birds to an undisclosed location.  Unfortunately, the thing he feared most happened.

“A critter got into the pens just the other night and killed a lot of my birds,” Wilson told us. “These were my pride and joy.”

Wilson plans to continue working on a location for the remaining birds in the hopes that he can continue his hobby and new found passion.

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6 Responses to For the Birds

  • Quail are very clean birds and make very little noise. I would hope the city would let him keep them.
    Quail are also sold at pet stores so they are not as per say fowl type birds.
    Good luck Jay, This city doesnt like anything good.

    Next week finches and sparrows will be outlawed !!!

  • Eudora isnt Overland Park. Eudora is a farming community! Atleast it was. If they arent smelling or making noise, whats the problem? Heck they probably will start saying how many vehicles can be at one house. Would not surprise me. More rights being regulated and just flat taken away. But, the city hasnt done anything about a business owner who destroyed 20th st by his fill dirt hauling without a permit inside the city limits!

  • I can see the ordinance for fowl in the case of chickens, guineas, and other noisy and nasty birds, but quail that are causing no problem to anyone? Once again the city council looks so uncaring of the citizens. The city would have known of this if there had been any complaints from the neighbors about noise or stink. He was just trying to do something, according to the rules of the council, the way he thought was right. Now he has lost so many of his pets. Let him be. He is not the only one in town that has quail, but don’t tell them that or they will be wanting to know who else. If the quail escapes it’s cage, what is the real problem? What if a covey of quail, of which there are more than one in city limits, was capable of attacking kids or pets? Then there might be a problem. What about 7′, 8′, and 9′ snakes in this town? Are they legal? I assure you they are here. What happens when one of them escapes? How about a real problem in this town that will never be dealt with, stray cats? No ordinance on them. They run the town, people feed them, they uncontrollably multiply many times each year, and they never go away. What about the cat droppings in my yard? Let’s make some realistic decisions when we make new ordinances around here and quit trying to be something we are not…..a real city. We are still a small town that wants to be a bedroom community because that is all we can control. We keep businesses from coming to town because we don’t have the knowledge of how to deal the problems they might cause….

  • Leave the guy alone it is a few birds that are not hurting anybody. It is a hobby,I should think this city could find something else to complain about.

  • The case for chickens,

    Would having a traveling chicken coop limited to six birds be a bad neighbor.
    Many large cities around the country allow citizens to raise a few chickens in their back yards to produce fresh eggs.

    I for one, support allowing small domestic operations within the city limits. Chickens roaming the back yard would be less annoying than the barking dog.

    Johnny Stewart

  • Chickes good food source, barking dogs, pain in the @$$ !!!
    We agree on something, way cool. 🙂