Morgan_KottmanMorgan Kottman (left) and her mother Christine as they pass through Eudora Thursday afternoon (photo by Managing Editor John Schulz)

Drivers passing through downtown on their way home from work on Thursday may have thought they missed an announcement about a parade.  Actually, they were part of a flash mob.  Nearly a 100 people showed up to CPA park to show support for 13-year-old Morgan Kottman who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in February.  Kottman and her mother commute from Topeka to Overland Park each day for radiation treatments.  Often, they travel through Eudora on the commute.

Morgan’s cousins and Eudora residents Shanda Hurla, her husband, School Board Member Joe Hurla, along with their friend Jaime Peterson, had secretly organized a flash mob via Facebook to help cheer on Morgan in her fight.

We wanted to show her our support,” Shanda said. “It’s just a lot she has going on and we are hoping the something like this  gives her some happiness.”

Kottman is in the fourth week of a six week radiation treatment program.

“She’s great fun,” Joe Hurla said about his cousin. “She’s just a wonderful 13-year-old that loves doing what 13-year-old kids do.

Morgan Kottman PD FD escortEudora City Fire and Police show support for 13-year-old Morgan Kottman during her commute through Eudora on Thursday (photo by Managing Editor John Schulz)

The Hurlas’ and Peterson, via the secret Facebook event, had been working on trying to get people to come out and show their support for Morgan.  The event was originally scheduled for last week but was postponed until today because the equipment at the Overland Park facility had broken down and was inoperable.

Hurla also got the City of Eudora on board with the flash mob and arranged for the Eudora Fire Department to have their trucks out with lights and sirens going and the Eudora Police Department to provide an escort for a few blocks giving her a surprise that even her mother was unaware of.

“Christine (Morgan’s mother) just thinks it is going to be a couple of people waving,” Hurla posted on the Facebook event.

Morgan and her mother were definitely surprised by the number of people and the Police escort.

“I thought it was very touching,” Christine said in a text to Hurla shortly after the event. “Thank you for organizing all the people. Morgan can’t believe that I cried.”

sign for Morgan KottmanAn unidentified boy holds up a hand made sign supporting Morgan during her commute through Eudora. (photo by Managing Editor John Schulz)

Shanda was also amazed by the outpouring of support for Morgan.

“Today was a perfect example of how this little town in NE Kansas has a lot of heart,” she posted in the Facebook group. “So many of you came out to show support for our 13 year-old cousin, Morgan, who you don’t know. It is humbling to know that all of you care so much and have so much empathy for her as she battles a brain tumor. I love this town.”

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3 Responses to Flash mob for 13 year old cancer patient draws crowd Downtown

  • Amazing gesture! Morgan is blessed!

  • WayTo go Eudora!
    Your city is full of Kind and loving people.
    Kansas is full of cities that walk their talk.
    This story made me very proud to be a Kansan!
    Thank you!!

  • This is a very good story. People are great, people care, people are the best. I wish I could have been there. Good luck to Morgan and her family and friends. Lois S. Miller, Harvest AL