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Eudora and their residents showed their pride in America on Wednesday evening with a volley of fireworks all around town.  Sounding somewhat similar to what World War Three would probably be like, shells, firecrackers, flying lanterns and the occasional buzz bomb lit up the night sky all throughout they city.

The City put on their annual fireworks display near the ball fields located next to Eudora Middle School.  Large crowds gathered in both the Middle School and High School parking lots to watch an approximate 20 minute display.  We also noticed many cars parked along Church Street and at various locations all around the south side of Eudora.

The Schieferecke family enjoy time together watching the fireworks at Eudora Middle School

The large crowds were clearly entertained by the display as they signaled their approval with applause and car horns following the show.

“The finale was fantastic,” Mark Schieferecke said. “That show was even better than the one they did last year.”

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3 Responses to Fireworks light up Eudora celebrating the 4th

  • Did you also notice the small grass fire at the high school, started by fireworks, near the band room door? Thankfully a quick bystander stomped out the flames before they got out of control. Thank you, Mr. Bystander!

  • There were quite a few over by the high school where we were sitting, my son in law put one out right in front of us… So thankful it could have been terrible… We were very careful when doing our fireworks even had water handy extinguish the ones that smoldered…

  • It was a fantastic show. Thanks to everyone involved.