(Hat tip to one of our spotters for the photo who preferred to stay anonymous)

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Crews from the Eudora Fire Department and Wakarusa Township Fire Department battled a blaze Saturday afternoon and evening in the 1400 block of Ash Court.  No injuries were reported from the fire. Crews were called to the scene around 3:15 PM.

According to reports, the fire originated in the vehicle parked in front of the duplex and then spread to the housing unit.  There was no word on the amount of damage to the interior of the building.

14th Street was blocked off for a few hours while crews worked to extinguish the blaze.





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3 Responses to Fire at Eudora duplex

  • I would like to express my concern: We arrived at this fire at the same time at the 2 responding officers. The fire department arrived a few minutes later. When we arrived(we were just driving by and stopped) the front of the vehicle was on fire and the roof to the house above had just caught fire. When the fire department got there, it took them at least(at least) 10 minutes to get the first hose on the fire. By that time the vehicle was fully engulfed and there was smoke rolling out of the back of the duplex. In my opinion the fire department wasn’t very quick in getting this fire under control. A lot of damage could have been prevented had the fire fighters not had to untangle hoses and struggle to get their uniforms on. I am very disappointed in the Eudora Fire Department.

  • I always find it interesting how quickly people jump on public service when they deem that they did not act correctly or by what they have decided is correct. Was everything done to the best standards, doubtful, it never works that way. Was it done? Looks like it to me; and by a volunteer fire department. Could it have been done better? I am sure, there is always room to improve. Eudora’s Fire Department makes like 10 dollars a call, wow so they are basically working for free. Helping a community without the means to pay for a full time department, and we are “disappointed” in them? “It took them ten minutes to get the first hose on the fire”, what were you doing in that time? Maybe rather than complain about what or how the fire department does things, you go down and volunteer your services. I will be happy to tell you how “disappointed” I am in you, while I sit and do nothing but look at my watch. I see people jump on the Police department, Fire Department, City Department, and they do a A+ job of finding the faults that they have, but I would bet we all can do better in what we do. I think the real issue here is what we can do to help make it better! So I challenge you to step up and struggle to get that uniform on.

  • Well said, Eric, well said.

    Merry Christmas