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Family Dollar is looking towards expanding into Eudora. The proposed site for the store is located at 15th and Church Street right in front of the Dairy Queen property.

Officials from the company hope to be making a formal presentation to the Eudora Planning Commission at the August meeting.  If Family Dollar receives the go ahead in August, ground breaking would likely take place later that month with an anticipated opening date sometime in February, 2012.

Family Dollar is a discount retailer that sells products including groceries, health and wellness products, beauty and personal care and home decor. According to their website, most of their products cost under $10.


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5 Responses to Family Dollar likely coming to Eudora

  • Awesome! We have been needing a real dollar store for a while now. Glad to hear this. Thanks for reporting all the happenings in Eudora.

  • hmmmm, mixed emotions here. We got the liquor stores, dollar stores and now all we need is a payday loan. If you look at what markets are ideal conditions for a dollar store it might be an eye opener for our community. Would much rather see an alternative then unilateral growth that might foster a negative image. I fear this might even keep other retailers away ? I hope im wrong, I really want to see Eudora grow in a positive way. I mean there is one 6 miles either way of us on K10, Desoto to the East and Lawrence to the West. I might take a beating for my point of view, I usually do.

    ACNielsen & Big Business weekly, Quoted ” ”

    “Other demographic groups that account for a disproportionate amount of dollar store sales include larger, less educated, blue-collar and rural households
    “dollar-store shoppers from households making less than $20,000 per year with limited growth potential”.

  • Ok, Ok I get what your saying about putting in a “dollar” store, but reality is that money is tight, gas is going thru the roof, groceries are so expensive, so what does it really hurt if we have a dollar store to go and pick up those little items we forgot at walmart or target.I think it is a GREAT thing. And you know I’m glad to say I”m a blue collar, rural household, I still work hard for my money no matter where I spend it!

  • I think a Family Dollar is just what Eudora needs. It’s ridiculous to have to drive 6 miles either direction for some piddly little thing. It’s not like Eudora could support a Walmart right now. Just because it’s a dollar store doesn’t make it worse than any other store. Even “rich” people need to buy things once in awhile.

    I think even a little business growth is better than none at all. Tax money being put in Eudora’s coffers is fantastic. Maybe it will take some of the burden off of the residents.

    I’m curious what Art Kennedy thinks would be positive growth if not a retail outlet that sells things you likely cannot buy anywhere else in town.

  • I agree just saying, and my2cents. I want to keep the money local. It is hard to do when it is not offered. I have had folks come to my clothing closet to just get shoes because they were in town for a ball game and their child blew out their flip flops and they just needed shoes to stop by a restaurant to eat (no shirt, no shoes, policy). I dont think if matters one way or the other. There are pay day loans located in decent areas too. Its the sign of the times. I dont go to them, but if someone else does that is their biz. I am always forgetting something like you said and I catch myself running into lawrence too often. I am for growth of any kind. The more we can do for our town the better! After seeing many of our townsfolk in Desoto dollar store or Lawrence dollar store, I feel it would be more suitable to keep the money and growth here!