Eudora Township Fire Department

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Eudora Township Fire and Eudora City Fire Departments were called to a scene near the Kansas River on Saturday afternoon when they received a report of a car partially submerged and possibly occupied in the river.

According to Eudora Fire Chief Ken Keiter, the report turned out to be a false.

“Someone called in a report that they saw a partially submerged vehicle about 300 feet east of the bridge,” Keiter said. “Township and city crews looked all over and we couldn’t find any vehicle in the water at all.”

Keiter said that Township crews eventually headed out east into the Weaver Bottoms area and discovered a person riding a four wheeler in that area. The man, who was not identified, told fire officials that he had been out in the area where the vehicle was reported to be in the water near the time the report was received.

“It was just a case of a guy out four-wheeling and having fun,” Keiter said.

Traffic on the bridge was halted during the search efforts and caused a large backup of traffic while crews searched for the vehicle in the river.

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