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One year ago today, burst onto the scene as Eudora’s newest information source.  We started it with the following premises:

1) Bring the news stories of note to the citizens of Eudora and the people that care about our fair city.

2) Feature events, happenings, and the people that make Eudora one of the best communities in Kansas.

3) Give everyone a one stop guide for places, events, and what’s happening around town.

4) When needed and where appropriate, give editorial comment on the news and information.

When we started this little venture, we had no idea how fast or how popular the site would become in just a year. We appreciate everyone who comes to our site to learn about news and information of the city.

In the past year we’ve brought you some tragic events and some lighthearted fun.   We’ve cried with you as we grieved at some our losses and cheered on others as we see them succeed. We have watched a few business come and a few go. We’ve even gently (okay, maybe a couple of times not so gently) prodded some officials to take action.  We’ve brought you conversations with multiple city, county and state officials, and we’ve tried to highlight some of Eudora’s greatest assets, the citizens along the way.

We want to thank you, the reader for finding us and spreading the word about this web site. Without visitors each and every day, we would not be in business. We also greatly appreciate our advertisers whom without, we could not afford to do what we do.

In the previous year we have had the honor of being your source for Eudora news and information.  We look forward to bring you more in depth reporting, more features and the news that matters to you, the citizens, patrons and good friends of Eudora.

While we have not even hit full stride yet, this toddler is up and walking and on it’s way to becoming one of the premier news sources in East Central Kansas. Watch for more great things to come from the website in the future.  We look forward to growing bigger and better in year number two.

Thank you all so much for your kind support and following of

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10 Responses to Turns 1!

  • John, you are doing a fantastic job with Eudora Reporter! Hope folks realize the many hours you spend at City Meetings and events. I appreciate your sacrifice! Keep up the good work!

  • Happy Birthday. Is there cake and ice cream? Thanks for supplying a place for the citizens of Eudora to vent their frustrations at some of the “happenings” in and around our little town.

    • Sorry, cake and ice cream were eliminated from the budget due to the loss of our stock value in the last two days. (That was a joke..laugh now).

      Seriously, we appreciate all our comments on this site, but something everyone should keep in mind: Vent when necessary, but have some common sense too. Let’s not foster an environment that leads to hatred and distaste. A good friend mentioned to me today that how one approaches the situation is 90% of how things are handled. That’s a good lesson for all of us to learn. – JS

  • Happy Birthday to the Eudora Reporter! Thank you for helping the people of Eudora have some idea of what is happening in our fair city. Thank you very much!

  • Happy Birthday and may you have MANY MORE!!!!!

  • Happy Birthday Mr. Editor, Happy Birthday to you! Thanks for doing a great job!

  • Happy Birthday !!!

    Eudora Reporter has become a regular on my morning and late night news readings… It rounds out my news and information from my global and local feeds. I enjoy the comments, even the ones that disagree with my own. It really is a great addition that we all can benefit and share in. Thanks John for your continued efforts and service to the public.

  • Happy Birthday Eudora Reporter. Your web site is well done and very informative. Thank you for getting the news and info out there. When it comes to where you live, ignorance is NEVER bliss.

  • Happy Birthday Eudora Reporter and great work this year.

  • Happy birthday! Thanks for all you do! Fantastic job!